Baggage Battles: Scotland Pictures

Billy, Mark and the Martins fly across the Atlantic to attend Scotland's largest police auction.
Episode: Scotland

Just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, the Lothian and Border Police sell unclaimed items that are handed in to the force's Lost Property Office. High-end cameras, sporting equipment and diamond necklaces are just some of the items that have been sold at this bi-monthly auction. Mark, Billy and the Martins compete for these lucrative overseas items.

The preview period lets bidders check out what's available and take notes on any interesting lots. Laurence and Sally stop to inspect a leather jacket.

Mark tests out an old viewing scope that he discovered during the preview.

Billy's interest is sparked by an amplifier.

Laurence decides to try the leather jacket on ... looks like a pretty good fit.

Mark takes a closer look at a bag of jewelry. He isn't allowed to open it, but he can try to get an idea of what's in each bag. If he is sneaky, Mark might even be able to test out some of the jewelry to see if it's real.

Billy finds an electric guitar to go with the amplifier. He examines the instrument to see if he can learn more about it and get a sense of its worth. A Baggage Battles cameraman captures it all.

As the auction begins, Laurence and Sally look through their notes to ensure that they bid on all the items that caught their eye during the preview.

Mark places a bid on one of the lots that he saw during the preview. Will he take it home or be outbid?

Sally, Laurence and Mark wait for bidding to begin on the next lot.

Billy goes to check out and pay for all the items that he won at the auction. Only problem ... he can't remember everything he bought.

Laurence and Sally pay for their winning lots. If only the US dollar were a bit stronger against the British pound.

Billy says good-bye to the auction and heads out with his won bags. Now it is time to see if there are any hidden gems inside.

Billy decides to drive the pallet mover back to the hotel. Another auction has come and gone.

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