Baggage Battles: Cash is King Pictures

Go behind the scenes as the auction specialists travel across the "pond" to Stansted Airport in London to bid for lost and unclaimed baggage.
Episode: Cash Is King
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Billy stands over his winnings from the St. Albans auction, ready to dive in and see what he has gotten.

Laurence and Sally take a seat near the front of the room and review their notes from the preview, while Billy sits a little farther back and speaks with one of the other people attending the auction in St. Albans, United Kingdom.

Among other things, Billy finds clothes in one of the bags that he won at the auction.

Mark puts on his game face and places a bid at the auction.

Laurence takes a moment to examine a lot of jewelry up for sale.

Billy gives a small, black suitcase the once-over as he considers bidding on it during the auction preview.

Found among his winnings at the auction in St. Albans, Billy holds up what appears to be a vintage ticket to the last American performance by The Beatles.

Maybe it's real, maybe it's not. Mark takes a closer look at a ring sold during the auction.

Billy takes a stroll by the site of the auction in St. Albans.

Mark expresses his displeasure about one of his wins during the auction in St. Albans.

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