Baggage Battles: Toronto Pictures

Toronto, Canada's most populous and culturally diverse city, hosts an auction that sells shipped property lost in transit and unclaimed baggage from Toronto International Airport.
Episode: Toronto

Billy, Mark and the Martins cross the border once again to compete for unclaimed freight and baggage in Toronto.

Billy walks through a field to get to the airport and freight auction at Principal Liquidators.

Laurence and Sally arrive in Toronto in hopes of finding some interesting items to bid on.

Billy heads into the Principal Liquidators auction preview to scope out the lots, mystery boxes and baggage.

Informally known as the "red tote sale," this Toronto auction has 300 to 500 lots and 100 unopened, unclaimed suitcases from Pearson International Airport.

Sally and Laurence check out some of the baggage up for auction. Each year, 60 million pieces of luggage travel through Pearson International Airport.

The baggage piques Billy's interest as well, especially a green military-looking duffel bag.

Mark is amused by a leopard print bikini at the preview. He's not quite sure how someone could lose just their bathing suit. Hmm ...

Sally and Laurence take a closer look at a mystery box at the auction. It's the same box that Billy said was calling to him. Who will take it home?

Billy examines a painting at the auction to see if he can get some clues as to what it is worth.

The Principal Liquidators auctioneers get ready to start the auction. They have to be very organized and keep track of all the items.

Billy turns back to give Mark a hard time about his interest in the military duffel bag. Billy bids it up before letting Mark take it home.

Sally stops Laurence from bidding on an item. Sometimes Laurence gets carried away and bids more than they wanted.

One of the auctioneers holds up a bag to start the next round of bidding.

Mark leaves the auction with a number of bags and boxes. Will he find anything valuable?

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