25 Delicious Dishes From Around the World

From schnitzel in Vienna to pizza in Detroit, get a sneak peek at the new season of Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations


Grab a pint and get ready to enjoy schnitzel, an Austrian favorite, at Figlmüller Wollzeile in Vienna, Austria. Deep-fried and delicious. 


At Hotel Sacher in Vienna, make sure to order up a Sachertorte: two layers of soft and light chocolate cake separated by apricot jam and coated with a delicious chocolate icing. You’ve never had a chocolate cake quite like this before. 


Pass the sopaipillas, please! Eben Ezer in La Vega Chica market in Santiago, Chile serves up sopiapillas with pebre, giving the fried dish a little bit of a kick. 

Machas a la Parmesana

Santiago’s Donde Augusto dishes out an unforgettable plate with machas a la parmesana. Clams and cheese—what’s not to love? 

Coney Dog

The infamous Coney dog at Detroit, Michigan’s American Coney Island is an all-American classic you wouldn't want to miss. Topped with chili, onions and mustard—say no more. We’ll take two! 

Detroit-style Pizza

In the mood for a slice? Stop by Detroit’s Buddy’s Pizza for their Detroit-style pizza—a square deep-dish pizza with the toppings on the bottom and sauce covering the top—and you’ll leave having devoured your daily intake of deliciousness. 

Scottish Breakfast

There’s no better way to start the day in Edinburgh, Scotland than with a Scottish breakfast! Pile a plate high with sausage, bacon, eggs and more and you’ll be ready to face the day.


Freshly baked and absolutely scrumptious, shortbread from Edinburgh’s Pinnies and Poppyseeds with a cup of hot coffee is the perfect afternoon snack. 


But no trip to Scotland would be complete without sampling a 12-year-old single-malt whisky like this one, produced by Deanston Distillery of Doune. After one sip, it might be hard to leave—and not just because you’re hungover. 


Considered one of Seoul’s most famous street foods, tteokbokki combines chewy rice cakes and spicy red chili pepper broth for one incredible snack. Next time you’re walking the streets of Seoul, you'll want to give this dish a try. 


Dessert is calling, so naturally, it’s time for patbingsu: Korean shaved ice with condensed milk, and red bean jam and rice cakes added for even more flavor. And don’t forget the roasted soybean powder on top! Order this treat at Mok Myeok San Bang as a great way to end your culinary journey through Seoul…until next time. 

Sonoran Hot Dog

Eager for some local flavor in Tucson, Arizona? The Sonoran Hot Dog at El Güero Canelo is the way to go. (No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That is bacon.) 


When in doubt, go with tamales—perfect pockets of savory goodness, right at your fingertips. And at the Tucson Tamale Company, they know tamales. 

Mangoyada Raspado

Sugar, spice and everything nice: Tucson’s Sonoran Delights serves up mangoyada raspado topped with tamarind candy. Your taste buds might never be the same.

Deep-fried Sauerkraut Balls

Your grandma’s sauerkraut recipe just got an upgrade. Raise a glass—er, stein—to these Deep-fried Sauerkraut Balls from Der Braumeister in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Polish Boy Sandwich

Freshly chopped coleslaw, French fries, original recipe barbeque sauce and an all-beef hot dog sandwiched together in a bun. Yes, this flavor-explosion has a name: It’s the Polish Boy sandwich from Seti’s Polish Boy food truck in Cleveland. Road trip, anyone?


Satisfy your sweet tooth at Malley’s Chocolates in Cleveland! The combination of chocolate and peanut butter make for one tasty, creamy candy. (And they're perfect for the holidays!)

Vuelve a la Vida

Seafood lovers, this one is for you: Vuelve a la Vida. Served up in Veracruz, Mexico, the cocktail is made with crab, shrimp, oysters AND octopus—proving you can never really have too much seafood in one dish—with spicy tomato sauce and avocado. 

Café Lechero

Move over, Pumpkin Spice Latte! In Veracruz, treat yourself to a café lechero to tackle your caffeine carving.


Sweet toppings or savory toppings, you decide. There’s no wrong way to enjoy feteer in Dubai. 

Pani Puri

Pani puri—fried hollow shells filled with flavored water, potato, chutney and crispy balls of chickpea flour—is a dish worth booking a trip to Dubai for. 

Carne Asada Fries

Where in the world can you get these carne asada fries? San Diego, of course! At Lolita’s Taco Shop, ditch the ketchup and pile your fries high with seasoned carne asada, cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole. (Just make sure to ask for extra napkins.)

Tostada de Pulpo

Tostada de Pulpo isn’t just pleasing to the eye—it tastes great, too! Romesco’s dish combines crispy fried tostada with sautéed octopus, caramelized onion paste, chopped preserved lemon, fresh seagrass and jalapeños for extra heat. 

Banh Mi

Say goodbye to your usual sandwich order because the banh mi might be your new go-to. In Ho Chi Minh City, this French-inspired Vietnamese sandwich combines pate, mayonnaise, cold cut, pickled cucumber, carrot and daikon all on a soft, warm baguette. Pick this one up at Banh Mi Nguyen Sinh in District 1. 

Oreille de Cochon

Soak in the energy of the South and chow down on beignets at Café de Amis in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Stuffed with boudin and topped with cane syrup, Oreille de Cochon is one mouthwatering dish you won’t soon forget. 

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