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Check out some of the most iconic foods from around the world, featured on Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
Episode: Athens
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Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor not only provides Hong Kong with amazing views, but also amazing seafood. Much of the city’s delicious cuisine includes fresh fish from these waters.

Typhoon-shelter crab

The typhoon-shelter crab dish served at Hee Kee is made in a cooking style called Bei Feng Tang, which combines chilies, garlic, scallions and the perfect crab.


A bowl of Mui Kee's signature dish, a favorite Chinese breakfast called congee, features fish, fresh meats and broth seasoned with ginger and mandarin peel.


Situated along the lake that shares its name, Zurich is a wealth of great food. From chocolate to cheese, you can always find something rich and delicious in Switzerland’s largest city.


The traditional Swiss meal Alplermagronen consists of macaroni, potato, onion, cheese, cream and apple. It’s like mac-and-cheese casserole with a Swiss twist.

Raclette cheese

Raclette cheese is heated until the top has melted, which is then scraped off over potatoes to create a gooey but delicious dish. 

St. Louis

This Gateway to the West has come to represent St. Louis since it was completed in 1965. The monument was not initially greeted with a lot of public support, but the promise of new jobs to help construct the arch quickly changed opinions. The arch sits on the west bank of the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis and is the tallest monument in the Western Hemisphere.

St. Louis-Style Pizza

You may have heard of New York- or Chicago-style pizza, but there is another city that lays claim to its own spin on the tomato pie. In St. Louis, pizza is built on cracker-thin crusts made without yeast and includes Provel cheese, which is a combination of provolone, Swiss and white cheddar cheeses.

Pork Steak

St. Louis natives love barbecue, so it’s no surprise that they take the same cut of meat typically used for pulled pork (pork shoulder) and cook it like a beef steak. This slow-cooked dish is a staple in any St. Louis BBQ restaurant.


The Alps’ peaks provide the perfect backdrop for the Munich city skyline.


Usually made from pork, schnitzel is tenderized, battered and fried before being served with a variety of sides, such as potatoes, peppers or a cream sauce. The dish is so popular in Germany that it has found its way into kitchens in other countries via German immigrants and is now enjoyed around the world. 


The pretzel is one of the most iconic foods in the world. Be it from a street vendor, ballpark or bakery, this knotted dough can be found almost everywhere. But despite its global accessibility, the pretzel got its start in seclusion, most likely originating in German monasteries during the Middle Ages.


You can find a heaping bowl of ramen almost anywhere. But you won’t get the real deal unless you are in Tokyo, where the dish has been mastered over centuries.


Known for its electric energy, Tokyo features some exquisitely unique cuisine, from crispy, elegant shrimp tempura to sushi made with jewel-like precision.


At Bird Land restaurant in Tokyo, chef Toshihiro Wada serves up beautiful displays of various yakitori dishes, including skewered chicken parts of all types.

Florence, Italy

The iconic and historic skyline of Florence, Italy


Perhaps nowhere else in the world can you get fresh pasta as you can in Florence.


Gelato served up fresh and delicious from Vivoli in Florence. 


The Boston Harbor shining brightly at dusk.

Boston Cream Pie

The Boston cream pie is one dessert that you can find almost anywhere. But to get the original, you have to go to Boston.

Boston Baked Beans

Boston baked beans may be the most recognizable food for a city affectionately nicknamed, Beantown.

The Acropolis

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece, with Lycabettus Hill in the background.


These dolmades, or rolled grape leaves stuffed with rice, herbs, onions and minced meat, are from Taverna Louizidis in Athens, Greece.


A slice of the legendary spanakopita, made from a 100-year-old recipe, at Bougatsadiko Thessaloniki in the Psirri area of Athens, Greece.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower adds a stunning backdrop for any dining adventure in Paris.


A gorgeous gift box of a dozen fresh macarons from Arnaud Larher in Paris.

Café La Palette

The fresh bread cart at Café de la Palette in Paris.


A skyline view of London’s Financial District and the historic Tower Bridge.


Roast's traditional Sunday roast is topped with a healthy portion of gravy before being served to hungry customers in London.

Toff's of Muswell Hill

Fresh fish and chips are fried and ready to be devoured at Toff's of Muswell Hill.

New York City

New York City is a food lover’s paradise. With so many cultural influences, there is always something new and delicious to satisfy your appetite. 

John's of Bleecker Street

The pizza from John's of Bleecker Street is a New York treat —arguably the best pizza in the city.

Katz's Delicatessen

The legendary pastrami sandwich from Katz's Delicatessen is a must-try for foodies young and old. The New York landmark is the oldest working deli in the United States (since 1888!).

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Dusk falls over Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. While generally known for its outrageous nightlife (especially during Mardi Gras), NOLA is a food lover’s mecca, with Cajun cuisine inspired by unique local flavors.

The Muffuletta Sandwich

The muffuletta from Central Grocery is a sandwich with layers of salami, ham, cheese and olive salad that looks almost as good as it tastes.

Creole Gumbo

The Creole gumbo made by James Beard Award-winning chef Tory McPhail at Commander's Palace in New Orleans is loaded with seafood, sausage, rice and deliciousness.

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