Bizarre Foods: Rome Pictures

Andrew Zimmern heads to Rome for tastes that stand the test of time. Go behind the scenes with Andrew and get his take on the Italian capital.

Andrew Zimmern at the Testaccio Market

Feasting on a chickpea fritter sandwich at the Testaccio Market in Rome.

Rome's New Stuffed Pizza Triangle

Trapizzinos are a newfangled food based on the idea of a stuffed pizza triangle. These are filled with offal delights.

Charcuterie at Testaccio Market

Katie Parla and I check out a selection of charcuterie at Testaccio Market in Rome. Video: Rome's Testaccio Market

"Jewish–style" Fried Artichokes

Carciofi alla Giudia, or "Jewish–style" fried artichokes, at Flavio al Velavevodetto. Related: Rome Travel Guide

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano wheels get waxed, an ancient practice to protect the cheese.

Tufa Caves at Brunelli Dairy

Wheels of pecorino Romano aging inside ancient tufa caves at Brunelli Dairy.

Roman Centurions and I

Roman centurions and I in front of the Colosseum in Rome.


Porchetta seasoned and ready for the oven at Il Norcino Bernabei.

With Vitaliano Bernabei at Il Norcino Bernabei

Making porchetta with Vitaliano Bernabei at his century-old butcher shop, Il Norcino Bernabei.

Handcrafted Sausages

Handcrafted sausages at Il Norcino Bernabei.

Eel Fishing on the Tiber

Eel fishing on the Tiber with the last eel fisherman in Rome, Caesar Bergamini.

Fried Eel

Fried eel from the Tiber River.

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