Dangerous Grounds: When in Rome Pictures

Todd Carmichael travels to the Amazon after meeting with Chef Mario Batali in Rome to secure a deal Todd’s been after for a long time.

Todd Carmichael shows a group of kids some pictures on his phone at an MST camp in Brazil. MST, also known as the Landless Workers’ Movement, is a group that is fighting for land reform in Brazil so the poor in rural areas can have access to land that will provide them with a self-sustaining way of life.

Todd’s American friend in Brazil, Joe, shows him a bucket of piranha that they'll eat for lunch.

Todd stops at Borracharia Cacal, a tire shop, to ask the owner for directions.

Todd holds a light as the coffee farmer's wife inspects a freshly killed caiman they've hunted for dinner.

Hollywood shoots Todd's pitch to world-famous chef Mario Batali for a new espresso blend. Todd wants Mario to put his name on a new espresso roast that Todd’s company, La Colombe, is creating.

Todd and Mario drive through the streets of Rome on mopeds while Hollywood follows in a van.

Todd and Mario taste some of chef Fulvio Pierangelini's cuisine in Rome.

Todd and Mario walk the streets of Rome looking for the best espresso Italy has to offer. Even if Todd manages to find the perfect bean, the bigger question is whether the American icon of all things Italian will agree that it’s the best espresso he’s ever had.

Mario and Todd taste the espresso blend Todd has brought back from Brazil. Is it good enough to earn chef Batali’s seal of approval?

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