Bizarre Foods: Taipei Pictures

Andrew Zimmern hits the food mecca of Taipei. Go behind the scenes with Andrew and get his take on the capital of Taiwan.

A Lesson in Noodle-Making

Noodle master Hsu Ram Ping gave me a lesson on the proper twisting and weaving techniques for chewy, thin Taiwanese "longevity noodles."

Taiwanese "Longevity Noodles"

Noodle master Hsu Ram Ping and I show off our work.

Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu I can actually enjoy! The mild, cheesy stuff prepared on the streets of Shenkeng, outside Taipei.

Stinky Tofu Hot Pot

A stinky tofu hot pot, made with duck's blood cake, pig intestine and salted, dried anchovies, floating in a molten-hot pool of chili oil and more duck's blood.

Steamed Chicken

Steamed chicken, raised right here in the mountains outside Taipei, sublimely seasoned with aged soy sauce.

The Cadillac Escalade of Taiwanese Pet Pigs

Piko, the Cadillac Escalade of Taiwanese pet pigs, getting a bite of fresh fried stinky tofu in the mountains outside Taipei. And no, we didn't eat him.

Razor Clams

Razor clams from Song Shan restaurant, stir-fried with basil, soy sauce, red pepper, garlic and green onion.

Song Shan Restaurant

Camera assistant Ben Hammock grabs a shot of some impeccably prepared razor clams at Song Shan restaurant in Keelung, Taiwan.

Get Inked at Fuji Seaport

You know your squid is fresh when it spews ink all over you at Fuji Seaport, outside Taipei.

Taiwanese Abalone

Chef Fudy Chen and I inspect a freshly prepared plate of local Taiwanese abalone at Fuji Seaport.

Finest Street Food in all of Southeast Asia

Taipei's street-food scene is the finest in Southeast Asia. My friend Joan and I noshed on some Taiwanese-style sausage wrapped in glutinous rice casing.

Din Tai Fung Dumpling House

Here I am learning the secrets behind the world-famous xiao long bao at Taipei's Din Tai Fung Dumpling House.

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