Bizarre Foods: Dubai Pictures

Andrew Zimmern heads to Dubai to find manna from heaven at the spice market and more. Go behind the scenes with Andrew and get his take on this luxurious city in the United Arab Emirates.

Camel Ride in Dubai

Yes, that's me riding a camel through the dunes about 2 hours outside Dubai. Related: Things to Do in Dubai

View from the Top

The view from my room at the hotel. All this was built in 30 years. Related: World's Hottest Hotels: Dubai

Dubai Creek

Indian-born writer Arva Ahmed and I riding through Dubai Creek, where goods from all over the world arrive every day.

Iraqi Masgouf

This is a bite of a real and authentic Iraqi masgouf at Al Bait Al Baghdadi restaurant in the old section of Dubai.

Dubai's Beachfront

Stand-ups are a part of my job. This Dubai beachfront moment was the perfect setting.

Beef Brains

Fresh beef brains ready to hit the convex tawa grill to make real Pakistani katakat, a painstakingly seasoned organ medley that’s popular on the streets in the old section of Dubai.

Time for Cricket

In the old quarter of Dubai, parking lots become cricket fields for Pakistani workers over their lunch break.

Pakistani Katakat

Pakistani katakat, made from brains, livers, testicles, kidneys and dozens of spices. One of my favorite dishes on Earth.

Dubai's Mosques

Mosques and minarets line the vibrant and gentrifying streets of Dubai Creek.

Middle-Eastern Dessert

Kunafa is a Middle Eastern-style dessert made with clarified butter, cashews, thin noodles and Palestinian-style Nabulsi cheese. This variety is sprinkled with pistachios.

Dubai Port

The port at Dubai Creek is alive with the constant hustle and bustle of cargo ships from all over the world.

Baby Goat

Baby goat seasoned in Emirati spices and roasted in a hole in the ground, served on a bed of seasoned rice, is a classic Bedouin dish.

Bedouin Hospitality

This is real Bedouin hospitality — fresh tea and fritters.

Cooking Masgouf

Forty-five minutes of roasting around the wood fire allows all the carp's muddiness to render out when making authentic Iraqi masgouf. It’s so fatty and gets so smoky and crispy, I compare it to bacon.

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