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Go behind the scenes with seasoned journalist Mariana van Zeller and chef Michael Voltaggio as they travel around the world, visiting locations including Jerusalem, Mexico, Cuba and Ireland to learn whether opposing sides of a conflict can come together for a meal and conversation.

Watch the series premiere of Breaking Borders on Sunday, March 15, at 9|8c.

Photo By: Ed Kashi/VII

Photo By: Ed Kashi/VII

Photo By: Ashley Gilbertson

Photo By: Ashley Gilbertson

Photo By: Ashley Gilbertson

Photo By: Ashley Gilbertson

Photo By: Ashley Gilbertson

A Toast Along the Mexico/Arizona Border

Mariana van Zeller and Michael Voltaggio share a toast with their dinner guests during the Mexico/Arizona border episode.

Interview with Mariana van Zeller

Mariana speaks with a local farmer and dinner guest in Arizona.

Along the Sarajevo City Line

Local guide/fixer Sabina Niksic explains to Michael and Mariana the significance of the Sarajevo city line that separates the east from the west in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo's Restaurant Kibe

Michael and Mariana marvel at the dishes on the table at Restaurant Kibe in Sarajevo. 

Welcome to Havana, Cuba

The Breaking Borders film crew captures Mariana and Michael speaking with a local guide/fixer in the city center of Havana. Related: Why We Love the Cubans

Lunch is Served in Cuba's Countryside

Michael gets a closer look at the whole roasted pig that’s for lunch at an organic farm in Cuba’s countryside.

Cuban Cigars

Mariana and Michael pose for a quick picture with a Cuban cigar on a tobacco farm.

Children of Syria

Peace! Mariana and Michael pose with Syrian children at a refugee camp in Lebanon.

In the Kitchen with Michael Voltaggio

Mariana assists Michael in the "kitchen" as he prepares lamb kebobs for part of the final dinner on a houseboat in Kashmir, his first wazwan meal.

Northern Ireland

Mariana and Michael stand in front of the West Belfast Regiment sign in Northern Ireland. Related Episode: Bloody Saturday in Ireland

Dissecting a 30-year-old War

Michael and Mariana speak with Plum Smith, a Protestant, about the history behind the 30-year-old war in Northern Ireland between Catholic Republicans and Protestant Loyalists which is known as "The Troubles."

Israel and Palestine

Sameer, a Palestinian guide/fixer, explains to Michael and Mariana the conflict between Israel and Palestine as they stand outside the wall separating Israel from Palestinian territory. Related Episode: Mother of All Conflicts

Grocery Shopping in Jerusalem

Mariana and Michael visit the open-air market in Jerusalem to find fresh ingredients for the dinner that Michael will prepare. It will bring together Israeli settlers and Palestinians to discuss their historic controversy.

Stilt Fishing in Sri Lanka

Do as the Romans do — but in this case, it's the Sri Lankans. Michael and Mariana go stilt fishing with a fisherman on Thalpe Beach.

Yatagala Temple in Sri Lanka

Mariana and Michael, dressed in white saris and sarongs, visit the Yatagala temple in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

Rwanda, Africa

Michael and Mariana trek into the Rwandan jungle for an experience of a lifetime: visiting with the wild gorillas.

Rwandan Market

Michael visits a Rwandan market to learn about the local cuisine.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

While in Egypt, Michael and Mariana visit Giza to see the ancient pyramids and the Great Sphinx, arriving in style. Related Episode: Detained in Egypt

Old Cairo

Mariana, Michael and local guide/fixer Ahmed Seddik walk to a café in the Old Cairo market.

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