Breaking Borders: Kashmir Pictures

Journalist Mariana van Zeller and chef Michael Voltaggio travel to the beautiful countryside of Kashmir. They learn about the conflict that threatens its existence: to be part of India, part of Pakistan or its own independent state.

View from Our Gurkha Houseboat

From the balcony of their Gurkha houseboat, Mariana and Michael have a beautiful view of Nagin Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Tea Time

Mariana and Michael's first activity in Kashmir is having hot tea with local guide/fixer Faisul Yaseen.

Inside of the Gurkha Houseboat

The ornate interior of the Gurkha houseboat. The wood paneling is all handmade.

Transport by Shikara (Wooden Boat)

A traditional and colorful shikara (wooden boat) on Nagin Lake.

Srinagar's Marketplace

Srinagar's marketplace, where Michael and Mariana purchased a variety of spices and ingredients for their dinner.

Wazwan Preperation

In Srinagar, cooks, or wazas, prepare 36 different traditional meals known as wazwan. This many dishes is normally to celebrate a wedding.

Street Food

Kashmir's street-food scene.

Where the Children Rest

The graves of children who were victims of violence in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Chef Michael Voltaggio at Work

Mariana van Zeller takes a peek at the lamb kebabs that chef Michael Voltaggio has prepared for the final dinner on the houseboat in Srinagar.


The appetizing lamb kebabs on the grill.

Dinner is Served!

Michael introduces his dishes to the guests at the dinner table.

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