Dangerous Grounds: Season 2 Sneak Peek

From the mountains of Nepal to the ganglands of Mexico, Todd Carmichael risks it all to find some of the best coffee in the world for his high-profile clients. Season 2 premieres Jan. 28 at 9|8c!

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

Photo By: Picasa

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Todd Carmichael catches a ride to Kusma on top of a bus winding its way through the mountains of Nepal, where he promised Steven Starr he would find a revolutionary coffee.

Todd treks up a road winding up a mountain in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha.

A mold problem ruins all attempts to import coffee from Nepal, so Todd must head to the home of Everest, where communist rebels block the roads.

Todd shares a cup of coffee with a Nepali grower.

Cafe Passmar in Mexico City has an array of the best coffees from across Mexico.

With $20,000 in cash, Todd heads to Guerrero in the hopes of getting his hands on some of the country’s best coffee. Guerrero is the most dangerous region of Mexico, and is ruled by a ruthless drug syndicate known as Los Zetas.

Todd handles a coffee seedling at a farm in Atoyec, Mexico.

Todd samples coffees from around Mexico with barista champion Salvator Benitez.

A K'iche shaman spits alcohol on Todd as part of a blessing ceremony in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

Freshly picked red berries are poured into a hopper to be hulled at the Finca La Perla coffee farm in Guatemala.

“Hollywood,” Todd’s cameraman, shoots Todd getting a little too close to the volcano Pacaya in Guatemala.

Todd stops for a snack of ribs on the side of the road in Guatemala.

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