Take a 'Destination Fear' Road Trip

Season two of Destination Fear is finally upon us, and round two of this epic road trip promises to be even more terrifying: the locations are bigger and even more haunted, and each has a personal tie to the team. Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder have their work cut out for them this time around. Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

April 30, 2020

Returning to Childhood (Nightmares)

This season, we’re kicking things off in the dead of winter in the team’s home state of Minnesnowta — er, Minnesota. The first location, Nopeming Sanatorium, is a place Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner and Alex are familiar with; Dakota recalls having nightmares of the abandoned hospital during his childhood.

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Entering the Ward

The guys visited the site back in 2016 but were too afraid to actually set foot inside, and it’s no wonder. The massive site opened its doors in 1912 and served patients — particularly patients with tuberculosis — for 90 years. It’s estimated that nearly 1500 people died here, though the exact number is unknown.

Meet the 'Destination Fear' Team

Dead of Winter

This place was the final stop for hundreds of patients, and it was often overflowing. The staff were unable to house all the patients indoors, and some were put up in tents set up on the grounds (... in Minnesota… in the winter — let that sink in).

No Safe Corner

There are numerous paranormal hot spots inside the sanatorium: the basement haunted by a former maintenance worker, the third floor — the location of double murder-suicide known as the “Mother’s Day Massacre” — and finally, the fourth-floor balconies referred to as the “suicide balconies” where desperate patients would attempt to jump to their deaths.

Ice Walls Closing In

The glittering, frozen walls of Nopeming Sanatorium are barely still standing, and the floors are covered in glass. This place is so gargantuan, the team investigate in pairs: Alex and Tanner communicate with a spirit who may have been “killed,” while brother-sister duo Chelsea and Dakota have a run-in in the mechanic’s basement they won’t soon forget.

Carol’s Demise

Upstairs, the Ovilus helps Dakota and Chelsea make contact with an entity named Carol. Was she a patient or an orderly? As the two investigate the towering dark bars, placed on the fourth-floor terrace to keep patients from jumping to their deaths below, one can’t help but wonder at her role and her fate in the sanatorium.

Watch Your Step

Floors encased in solid sheets of ice, furniture frozen in place, the dangers here are not only from the paranormal. The ceilings and walls could literally give-way at any moment. Twisting an ankle or hitting your head here would be very easy and very ill advised.

Crashes In the Night

Whether it’s proof of that the maintenance man is still haunting the rooms that once housed him in the basement or whether the building is physically collapsing around them––Chelsea’s piercing scream, and the discovery that things are crashing around in the basement––is enough to send shivers up even the viewer’s spine.

A Dangerous Journey

The location of this episode of Destination Fear presents unique challenges. The team must brave icy roads on foot, sub-zero temperatures, dark, animal-filled wilderness to even get to the most haunted location. The Crematorium is located down the road from the main building. And the realization has to be hitting all of them. If something goes seriously wrong, they are miles and miles from help.

Burning Alive

More than 1500 people died at the Nopeming Sanatorium. The bodies were burned rather than buried. Historians believe that some of the patients weren’t quite dead yet. Screams were heard and noted from the building. The team takes a freezing walk to this crumbling, desolate building and within minutes of arriving, there is the unmistakable sound coming from the woods.

Poor Alex

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, Alex draws first and arguably gets the worst option. A walkie-talkie won’t work where he’s headed. Poor Alex.

Did You See That?!

Midnight is the Witching Hour. For Tanner, attempting to sleep in the East Wing Basement of the rotting Sanatorium––the very room where the Maintenance Man once lived and has since given so many investigators terrorizing moments of fear––4:31am proves to be a particularly paranormal time. That’s when it all begins to go horribly wrong.

Deeply Disturbing

Tanner jolts as a massive crash erupts in the basement. He has no idea of how serious things have truly gotten. A camera captures absolute proof of haunting, about three inches from his foot.

Not What It Seems

The Nopeming Sanatorim was built in 1909 and opened in 1912. It was billed as a place of healing for those with Tuberculosis and mental problems. It was, in reality, a torturous, awful prison of pain and suffering for thousands. As dawn breaks, the relief in leaving is palpable among the group. They survived the feeling of being watched, loud crashes, frozen walls and disembodied screams––all easy things to say goodbye to––and conquered a childhood fear.

On The Road Again

Grab your cowboy hats, we’re heading south for this next location: Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas. Located 80 miles southeast of San Antonio, Yorktown Memorial Hospital was built by the Felician Sisters in 1950; during its 30-year run, it’s estimated 2000 people died at the facility.

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