Josh Gates' Favorite Personal Portraits From Around the World

Josh selects some of his favorite shots taken during his 2018 travels for Expedition Unknown and explains their significance in his own words.

Dwarka, India

My eye was immediately drawn to these women standing together on the stone pier in Dwarka. Collectively, they’re a riot of color, which contrasted perfectly with their shy, polite reactions to being photographed.

Luxor, Egypt

Often, the best portraits happen when the subject isn’t posing at all. In this case, a temple guard eating his breakfast in the morning light turned out to be one of my favorite photos I took all year.

Giza, Egypt

It’s well known by now that I’m not a fan of camels, but this guy seemed to be hamming it up for the camera. Of course, two minutes later he tried to bite me.

Easter Island

A fierce pose from one of the descendants of the original inhabitants, the rapa nui, of the most remote island in the world.

Nile River, Egypt

Felucca boats glide up and down the Nile with ease, but it takes an take expert helmsmen to steer them into the wind.

Alexandria, Egypt

In the ancient city of Alexandria, fisherman have been plying their trade for thousands of years. I caught this guy in the shallows cleaning out his nets. Also, I love the sweater.

Luxor, Egypt

The local workers at excavations in Egypt perform strenuous manual labor in incredible heat, yet they have such terrific attitudes and always seem to greet you with a smile.

New Delhi, India

It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not, India will make you a more spiritual person. The level of devotion here is awe-inspiring.

New Delhi, India

Karnak, Egypt

The morning light in Egypt is otherworldly. It’s so golden, that everyone and everything takes on an ethereal glow.

Dwarka, India

Awesome mustache. Awesome hat. Enough said.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Sometimes animals pose more expertly than any human subject. This monkey looking into the light made for such a dramatic moment.

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