Houghton Mansion

Ghost Adventures investigate Houghton Mansion, where a tragic accident and suicide still haunt the Masons.
Episode: Houghton Mansion
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Aaron, Zak and Nick on the back staircase of the Houghton Mansion.

Nick on the front steps of the Houghton Mansion.

The team check their equipment and prepare for another lockdown.

Zak and Nick peer over the local newspaper in North Adams; their Houghton Mansion investigation has made the front page.

Zak investigates paranormal activity in the Hoosac Tunnel near the Houghton Mansion.

Zak hears a noise in the Hoosac Tunnel and decides to take a closer look.

Aaron stands in front of the Hoosac Tunnel, aka the "bloody pit," because of the 195 people that died during construction.

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