Kell's Irish Pub

Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Seattle to explore an Irish pub built on the site of a corrupt funeral home.
Episode: Kell's Irish Pub
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Nick films Zak chewing a piece of gum he removed from Seattle's infamous "gum wall."

Exterior shot of Kell's Irish Pub, formerly known as E.R. Butterworth & Sons Mortuary.

Zak, Nick and Aaron get ready for a shot in front of Seattle's Public Market.

Zak talks to Karen McAleese, owner of Kell's Pub, while Nick prepares to film the interview.

Zak, Nick and Aaron walk through an alley in Seattle.

Zak interviews ghost expert Mercedes Yaeger, while Nick and Aaron film them and Matthew Matosian records the audio.

Zak and Nick film a segment by the bay, with the city in the background.

Zak and ghost expert Mercedes Yaeger look at some photographs.

Nick and Aaron check out a magic shop in Seattle.

Interior view of Kell's Irish Pub.

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