La Purisima Mission

Ghost Adventures investigate La Purisima Mission, where the Chumash Indians found religion, disease and death.
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Expert Richard Senate takes Zak on a tour of the chapel.

Zak and Nick trudge up a hill for a better view of the mission.

Aaron prepares to mark the next hot spot while Nick films in the chapel.

The large vestibule inside the Padre's Quarters at La Purisima Mission.

Aaron films Zak during the initial walk-through of the mission.

Sunset at La Purisima Mission.

Nick gets footage of the courtyard at the mission.

Aaron waits for the next shot in the Cuartel.

Zak explores a thatched dwelling in the Chumash tribal village.

Nick films Zak as they investigate the infirmary.

Aaron gets footage of the chapel during the lockdown.

Nick provokes the spirits while filming in the Cuartel.

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