Atlanta Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

Marcus heads to Atlanta to investigate the Great Locomotive Chase, the mass shootings by spree killer Mark Barton and the kidnapping of drug cartel member Oscar Reynoso.

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Photo By: unknown

Photo By: unknown

Marcus travels to Atlanta, the crossroads of the South, to investigate murder, drugs and a crime from the Civil War.

Marcus takes a run through history when he visits Kennesaw Mountain. More than 4,000 men died here during the Civil War; the area was also the setting for the Great Locomotive Chase.

Marcus meets with Southern Museum curator Mike Bearrow to learn the story of The General locomotive and its theft by Union spy James Andrews.

To get a feel for what Andrews and his men experienced as they were pursued by conductor William Fuller and Confederate forces, Marcus "steals" a car and is chased by the Georgia State Patrol.

Georgia State Patrol officers tackle Marcus as he flees from the stolen car.

Marcus reflects on the story of the Great Locomotive Chase as he stands in historic Oakland Cemetery. This is where William Fuller, the locomotive's conductor, is buried.

Marcus shares some pie with former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell to get a first-hand account of what it was like the day Mark Barton went on his mass shooting spree. Barton had been a day trader during the dot-com bubble; he snapped when the bubble burst.

DEA special agent Keith Cromer shows Marcus the vault filled with cash and marijuana taken from drug busts. Marcus learns that Atlanta has become the drug trafficking capital of the East Coast.

Marcus trains with the Gwinnett County Rapid Response Team to get a feel for how these SWAT teams prepare for a mission like raiding the home of a drug cartel member.

Marcus hones his shooting skills for taking out an enemy.

Then he suits up and gets ready for some repelling.

First task, make it down a stairwell. What an adrenaline rush!

Marcus repels down the outside of the building under the guidance of a SWAT team member. Spiderman would be proud.

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