Florida Keys Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

Marcus escapes to the Florida Keys to dive into the stories of Black Caesar, Dutchy Melvin and Edgar Watson, and former Key West Fire Chief Joseph "Bum" Farto.

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The Florida Keys are all about escape, so Marcus decides to unplug and live on a boat while learning more about 3 crime stories from the area.

In the 1700s, the Florida Keys were the perfect place for pirates. No one was more feared than Black Caesar.

Marcus meets with Keys historian David Sloan to learn about Black Caesar's history as an African slave and the havoc he brought to the Keys. He was both a thief and murderer.

Marcus gets ready to take a dive with treasure hunter Sean Fisher to see what the waters of the Keys hold.

Marcus vacuums the ocean floor looking for gems from the days of pirates such as Black Caesar.

Marcus visits the home of his favorite author, and Keys resident, Ernest Hemingway. He sits in his "office" to soak up some inspiration.

Local historian Tom Hambright tells Marcus about Dutchy Melvin, a leader of a gang of thieves and arsonists in the early 1900s.

Key West Fire Chief Craig Marston tells Marcus about the fire-fighting procedures and equipment of Melvin's time and how hard it was to fight fires.

To get a feel for fighting the kinds of fires Melvin and his gang set, Marcus participates in a training exercise with the Key West Fire Department.

Wilderness expert Hank Fannin takes Marcus on a tour of the Everglades so he can get a feel for where Dutchy Melvin hid. It is here that Melvin encountered killer Edgar Watson.

Each year during Bike Week, thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts descend upon the party-going Duval Street. Marcus decides to join in the fun.

Marcus learns the story of Joseph "Bum" Farto, former Key West Fire Chief who was busted for selling cocaine straight out of the fire station.

Marcus rides with the Coast Guard on the Key Biscayne cutter to see how they catch drug smugglers on the open seas. They often find weapons aboard the ships they raid. Bum Farto was busted in 1975 in a similar operation. He was found guilty, but disappeared before he could serve time.

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