5 Mind-Boggling Investigations Featured on ‘Lost in the Wild’

J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps are following in the footsteps of adventurers who disappeared and never made it home. Here’s a sneak peek at five of the investigations featured on Travel Channel’s newest show, Lost in the Wild, premiering Dec. 29 at 11|10c.

December 23, 2019

Missing in the Mountains

Filmmaker and explorer J.J. Kelley and journalist Kinga Philipps head to Silver Plume, Colorado, to investigate the disappearance of Keith Reinhard. In 1988, the 50-year-old sports writer told friends he was going for a hike and never returned. A year prior, another man named Tom Young went missing in the same mountains, though his body was eventually found and his death ruled a suicide by authorities. Suspecting a connection between the two cases, J.J. and Kinga look to uncover a possible conspiracy and the truth about both men’s disappearances.

Medium Insight

When Keith was determined missing, a psychic medium identified a search area. Later, a dog was able to pick up a scent and potential foot print. Here J.J. and Kinga consult with a psychic medium to see what insight she might have.

ATVing on Pendleton Mountain

J.J. and Kinga take ATVs up Pendleton Mountain to search for old mines that play an important role in their investigation. They also head to the location where Tom’s body was found nine months after his disappearance.

In Search of Akakor

The crew heads deep into the Amazon to investigate three separate cases of disappearing tourists from 1980 to 1987. John Reed, Christine Heuser and Herbert Wanner were in search of the city of Akakor — a fabled underground city said to contain gold, diamonds and the secret to the afterlife. Before they disappeared, all three were in touch with Tatunca Nara, a man who claims to be Akakor’s chieftain.

Expert Advice

Kinga and J.J. sit down for an interview with investigative journalist Wolfgang Brog. Wolfgang has previously investigated Tatunca and his possible connection to the disappearances of the three tourists.

The Rio Negro

A large boat could only get J.J. and Kinga so far. In order to navigate the Rio Negro’s narrow waters, they needed to use a skiff. Their investigation begins at John’s last known location before he disappeared in 1980.

Missing in Panama

J.J. and Kinga travel to Boquete, Panama, with hopes to solve the mystery of what happened to Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, two young Dutch women who vanished on a popular hiking trail in 2014.

Journey into the Jungle

At the summit of the Pianista trail in Boquete, it is possible to continue onto the Serpent trail, though it is not recommended. Panamanian authorities ruled that the women took this route and ultimately fell to their deaths from a dangerous cable bridge. J.J. and Kinga see for themselves whether it would've been possible for the two women to reach said cable bridge within the time frame given by the authorities.

Photo Evidence

J.J. and Kinga attempt to recreate one of the last photographs taken by Lisanne and Kris on April 1, 2014 — the day the two women went missing. Ninety more photographs taken eight days after their disappearance were recovered from Kris and Lisanne's camera, though they hold few clues as to what may have happened to the women.

The Island of Mysteries

J.J. and Kinga head to the Galapagos for an investigation on the island of Floreana. In the 1920s and 1930s, the island’s first permanent inhabitants arrived, including two couples: Friedrich Ritter and Dore Strauch and Heinz and Margaret Wittmer. The last to arrive was a baroness, who brought with her two lovers and big plans to build a resort on the island.

The Hills Have Eyes

As resources began to run out, it became clear to the residents of Floreana that the baroness was their biggest threat. Then one day, she and one of her lovers disappeared. Many think it’s possible they were murdered, but no one — except for maybe a marine iguana — saw what happened.

Post Office Bay

Kinga kayaks in Post Office Bay, which is named for Floreana’s first post office: a wooden barrel. Allegedly, the baroness would read all of the outgoing mail and edit it to make sure she was painted in a good light. Today, the post office barrel is still in use.

Camping on Floreana

With the next boat off Floreana not arriving until morning, J.J. and Kinga prepare to spend the night camping. First step: building a fire.

The Valley of Death

Next stop for J.J. and Kinga: Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India. The duo head to Parvati Valley where 35-year-old Justin Alexander went missing in the summer of 2016. Though it looks absolutely beautiful, this valley is also known as the Valley of Death due to the fact that many people have gone missing here. This photo was taken by J.J. while in India.

Baba Interview

Justin was a seasoned adventurer seeking spiritual enlightenment while in Parvati Valley. Before he disappeared, he was accompanied by someone he believed to be a baba — a holy man in Hinduism. As part of their own investigation, J.J. and Kinga interview a different baba in the hopes of learning more about the baba who they believe may have had something to do with Justin’s disappearance.

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