Einstein's Brain, Morgan Affair, Brass Knuckles

Don Wildman examines a purse that contains clues to a mysterious death, a building that holds the secret to a centuries-old disappearance and more.
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At the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, NY, is American inventor Alfred Beach’s ambitious plan for New York City’s first subway, which would be powered entirely by compressed air rather than by steam engine like Europe’s subways at the time.

The Mudder Museum in Philadelphia, PA, is home to 46 glass slides that contain tissue samples of the brain of Albert Einstein.

At Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC, contributor Roger Powell demonstrates the brass knuckles that Kate Warne carried with her to protect President Lincoln from an assassination attempt.

Museum curator Carey Stumm holds the plans for Beach’s “Pneumatic Subway System,” which was modeled after pneumatic tubes that post offices used at the time.

Museum of the Gulf Coast curator Ami Kamara holds the purse of Karen Silkwood, who died in a car crash in 1974. Silkwood was found dead in her car just hours before she was to meet with a New York Times reporter to hand over documentation of the unsafe conditions at the nuclear factory where she worked. Her file of evidence was never found.

The crew shoots at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC.

Anna Dohdy examines the pieces of Albert Einstein’s brain at the Mudder Museum Philadelphia, PA.

In 1826, William Morgan was kidnapped and hidden, locked in a room at Old Fort Niagara for threatening to expose the secrets of the Freemasons. Three men were eventually convicted of Morgan’s kidnapping, all of whom claimed that they sent Morgan to exile in Canada. Many believe that something far more sinister happened to him.

Dohdy examines one of the slides with a tissue sample of Einstein's brain on it.

The crew sets up an interview at the Pennyroyal Area Museum in Hopkinsville, KY.

The "Powder Room" at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY, where a group of Freemasons detained William Morgan for a week before (supposedly) sending him into exile in Canada.

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