Mysteries: Funhouse Mummy, Playboy's Gold Pictures

Don Wildman investigates the mysterious tales behind a classic pistol, a Model B Wright Brothers Flyer, a jerry-rigged flying lawn chair and more.
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On display inside the Oklahoma Territorial Museum and Carnegie Library in Guthrie, OK, is an ordinary-looking pistol. Dedicated to preserving the history of Oklahoma, this museum houses a wide array of artifacts from the state’s boom times.

This pistol marked the beginning of a dark and outlandish journey spanning 7 decades and thousands of miles, but how is it linked to a macabre funhouse mummy’s real identity?

Among the venerated vessels of flight at the San Diego Air & Space Museum in California is an ordinary lawn chair with milk jugs attached to it with rope and tape.

This jerry-rigged piece of outdoor furniture was used by an unlikely pilot to soar to unimaginable heights.

This former home of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll is where he grew up in the lap of luxury after escaping police custody.

This Model B Flyer at the Franklin Institute was once the prized possession of a wealthy scoundrel who led law enforcement on a manhunt and kicked off a frenzied search for hidden gold that continues to this day.

Located in New York City’s bustling Chinatown district, the Museum of Chinese in America documents the trials the Chinese undertook to start over in the United States. Its collection includes a small paper sculpture that symbolizes the universal dream for freedom.

This small sculpture symbolizes the unbelievable lengths some people took in hopes for a better life. What harrowing circumstances led to this sculpture’s creation?

Striving to preserve New Jersey’s rich history, the Thomas Warne Historical Museum in Old Bridge, NJ, has an artifact on display that has been scarred by a violent past, telling a tale of unprecedented devastation.

This jagged artillery shell played a role in a terrible tragedy that shook a small American town at the height of World War I.

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Texas A&M University in College Station houses items that commemorate the country’s 41st president. But a helmet on display honors another famous Texan and is linked to a scorching tale of bravery.

Who wore this helmet, and how did his heroism extinguish a fire some people thought would burn forever?

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