Off Limits: NASA Rover and More Pictures

Don climbs more than 500 feet to the new Bay Bridge, drives a NASA rover, makes sugar, and lights things up in Las Vegas.

Don discusses the Bay Bridge project with construction expert Bart Ney. The new bridge will be built to withstand earthquakes.

The camera crew captures Don's movements as he climbs the 525-foot tower to get a look at the new Bay Bridge and an amazing view of San Francisco.

Don gets special access to the largest sugar mill in the US. He starts the day chatting with US Sugar expert Judy Sanchez about the sugar-cane burn process.

Don checks out the controlled sugar-cane burn at the mill in Florida.

NASA engineer Tim Dunn helps Don try on a space helmet at the Johnson Space Center.

The Off Limits crew gets a look at the control center inside the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Astronaut Clay Anderson tells Don about some of NASA's latest projects.

Don accompanies the YESCO (Young Electric Sign Company) team as they perform routine maintenance on one of the largest marquee signs on the Vegas Strip.

Don tries to bend a neon tube into the right shape for the new neon sign that the team is building in Las Vegas.

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