Off Limits: Wrestling Gators and More Pictures

Don travels across the US to wrestle an alligator, fly the Goodyear Blimp, blow up a construction site and take a zipline underground tour.

Don visits the Louisville Mega Cavern to do some exploring and take a zipline tour of this underground attraction.

In Florida it's man versus beast as Don feeds the alligators. He might as well make nice before jumping into the ring to wrestle one of them.

Don and construction expert Bob Milano discuss the Memorial Stadium project. This was right before they blew up tons of rock.

Don and the Off Limits crew visit the 'Spirit of Goodyear' blimp at its home in Wingfoot Lake, OH. If they're lucky they might even get a chance to pilot it!

Don 'becomes' baggage to truly experience the journey of a piece of luggage on Frontier Airlines.

Don chats with the Denver International Airport crew to learn more about the space-age technology used to create its unique fabric roof.

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