Off Limits: Making Gold & More Pictures

Don travels across the US to explore the world of parade floats, making gold, the East Side Access project, bourbon barrels and the most famous prison, Alcatraz.

Don loves to catch some waves with Tillman the surfing dog on top of the Natural Balance Rose Bowl Parade float.

Don and Beverly Stansbury discuss the float-making process at the Fiesta Floats facility.

Don investigates the technical side of trying to steer a 150-foot-long float such as the Natural Balance Rose Bowl float.

Who's ready for a parade? Don sure is as he sits in the driver's seat of the Natural Balance float.

Tillman has been surfing and skateboarding since he was a puppy. He will ride the waves on top of the Natural Balance float during the parade.

Don heads to Kentucky to try his hand at raising bourbon barrels.

Don travels to the Cripple Creek gold mine quarry in Colorado to pour some gold.

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