The Layover: Sao Paulo Pictures

Anthony Bourdain has 36 hours to make the most of his trip to Sao Paulo. He has a plate of traditional feijoada, admires the work of street artists and nurses a hangover on his hotel’s rooftop.
Episode: Sao Paulo
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Tony enjoys breakfast on the rooftop at Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo.

“This view of the skyline doesn't even begin to show the concrete vastness that is Sao Paulo.” – Anthony Bourdain

Tony orders a Mortadella sandwich with Mauricio, a Sao Paulo taxi driver, at Bar do Mane.

Tony discusses traditional Brazilian cuisine with chef Rodrigo Oliveira of Mocotó.

“Alex Atala took me to his favorite fish monger at the Oscar Freire Market.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Feijoada - you'll need a nap after this.” – Anthony Bourdain

Local artist, Speto, takes Tony on a tour of the MAAU (Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana or the Open-Air Museum of Urban Art) located on Cruzeiro do Sul Ave. Since 2011, artists have been able to showcase their graffiti on the pillars of the elevated metro.

Inside La Da Venda, a café and shop.

Tony has his dinner at D.O.M. with friends, Rosa Moraes (left) and Luisa Moraes (middle).

Tony with chef Benny Novak (right) and friends, Rosa Moraes (right) and Luisa Moraes (left), at Ici Bistro.

A look inside the Luz Station.

Tony at Feijoada da Lana in Sao Paulo. Tony calls feijoada (a Brazilian stew of beans with beef and pork), “perfection in a dish.”

“Strong coffee: vital for any hangover.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Local artist, Speto, shows me his impressive artwork at MAAU.” – Anthony Bourdain

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