Toy Hunter: Buck Rodgers Bet Pictures

Jordan travels to Las Vegas with his assistant Julia for her first-ever toy hunt but regrets the decision to bring her along when she makes a pricey purchase without his approval.
Episode: Buck Rodgers Bet
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"Inside "Dan Mart", I check out Dan's glorious toy stash."

"Computer Warriors was somewhat of a failed toy line -- but still very cool as a collectible."

"My assistant Julia and I hit Sin City ... in search of toys!"

"Felix checks out the toys I brought for him -- but will he buy?"

"The convoy truck is still one of the most sought after from the Indiana Jones line."

"Looks like Julia has found her new "baby" to take home."

"Julia and I get down and dirty with Dan's toys."

"A very cool  Buck Rogers "Killer Kane" figure."

"Julia and I do some shopping with Dan."

"Classic C-3POs cereal."

"Checking out a toy with "Movie Prop" Mike."

"A replica Freddy Krueger Glove."

"Hanging out with Nancy and her killer "Spice Girls" collection. "

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