Trip Flip: Canyon Swings to Heli-Boards Pictures

Bert meets Adam and Leanne Parks in Savannah, GA, and gets them to ditch their flip-flops for the ultimate winter adventure.

Adam and Leanne Parks pose alongside Bert Kreischer and a St. Bernard while on Mount Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland. Mount Titlis is known for being the site of the world's first revolving cable car. 

Leanne, Adam and Bert head up Mount Titlis on the mountain's famous cable car.

A panoramic view of Mount Titlis in the Urner Alps of Switzerland

Adam rides a sled down down the front of Mount Titlis.

Bert, Adam and Leanne race each around Mount Titlis on snowmobiles.

Leanne, Bert and Adam play dress up in traditional Swiss attire while visiting the village of Wengen.

Adam takes a stab at the popular winter sport of curling while visiting Wengen.

Leanne and Adam go shopping for Swiss Army knives while in Wengen.

Bert and his travelers snowboard through fresh powder on Petersgrat Mountain in Switzerland.

Bert and a St. Bernard pose for the camera while getting cozy inside an igloo in Engelberg, Switzerland.

Adam and Leanne go for a quick dip in a hot tub at the igloo village in Engelberg.

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