Tastiest Places to Chowdown: Presidential Edition

When it comes to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama knows how to seriously get his grub on! From his hometown haunts in Chicago to his regular pit stops in DC, we're taking you on a one-hour gut-busting tour of the Commander-in-Chief's chowdown rituals in the two cities he now calls home. We'll grab a slice of his favorite pizza in Chi-town (but guess what-it's NOT deep dish), dig into the Brownie Sundae he and daughter Sasha ordered up on Father's Day, and even find out what you get when you order the super-sized "Presidential" at Obama's favorite deli. So you can forget those fantasies of eating like a king because you're about to see just what it's like to eat like a President as we count down President Barack Obama's absolute favorite places to chow down.


On Tastiest Places to Chowdown: Italiano we're counting down the country's best places to mangia down on eats inspired by our Italian-Amercian paisanos. From the Windy City's favorite spot to grab a delectable slice of the deepest-dish you've ever seen to one of Memphis's best BBQ joints for a uniquely American and strangely tasty invention: BBQ spaghetti! We'll also head to Jersey to unwrap the inner workings of an "Italian-style hot dog," settle a decades-old debate over the best New Haven style thin crust pizza, and discover a crunchy, ooey-gooey, deep-fried calzone (aka "pizza puff") that's the size of a football!


On this half hour special of the Tastiest Places to Chowdown we're counting down the best spots to score America's favorite cook-out grub: burgers. We've scoured the country from coast to coast to find the biggest, baddest and best burgers around. From a couch-cushion sized behemoth in Pennsylvania to the original slider ordered by the sack-full in Kansas! We also visit a biker joint in Atlanta that tops their monster patties with practically anything you can imagine . And then bring it back to pure and simple, delicious basics at the granddaddy of all burgers joints in New Haven, Connecticut.

Sweet Tooth

On this half hour of Tastiest Places to Chowdown we're searching the country to find the most decadent places to satisfy your biggest sugar cravings. From a chocolate lover's fantasy in Boston - a buffet that dishes out as much chocolate as you can handle, in more ways than you can possibly imagine! To a crazy little ice cream shop in Queens NY whose mile-long menu includes unique flavors like donut, corn-on-the-cob and beer. We'll also check out an enormous sundae served in a kitchen sink in San Francisco, a sweet taste of comfort at a Sarasota country kitchen whipping up no less than 25 varieties of pie, and deep-fried everything including candy bars and Twinkies in Brooklyn!


This episode of Tastiest Places to Chowdown presents: BBQ, we're searching high and low to find the meatiest, most succulent and mouth-watering BBQ there is. Our BBQ countdown takes us everywhere from the official BBQ capital of Texas to a year old spot in St. Louis with a combined total of 100 years of pit master experience. We head toward Yankee territory for killer 'cue in the Northeast and head south to meet "Big Red," a bank-vault sized smoker turning out the tastiest pig in Alabama.

Southern Comfort

Put away those linen napkins and your Sunday best, 'cos on this episode of Tastiest Places to Chowdown, we're fixing to find the most lip-smackingest places in the country to get your Southern Comfort food fix on! We'll visit a Charleston kitchen dishing out the very best in "Low-Country" eats including a down-right delectable sandwich simply called "The Big Nasty" and we'll also hit up a favorite Missouri eatery where diners catch "throwed rolls" and pig out on unlimited "pass-arounds." We'll also crunch into some of the best fried chicken you've ever had at one of New Orleans' most beloved institutions, get a taste of the heart-and-soulfood of Harlem in New York City, and discover a dastardly way one small Texas joint has made bacon even more decadent - by chicken frying it!

Messiest Meals

Roll up your sleeves and get out those extra napkins because on Tastiest Places to Chowdown: Messy Meals we're counting down the most deliciously sloppy, juicy, hands-on places to get your grub on. From a New Mexican soul food joint in Albuquerque that features a pulled pork sandwich dripping with so much saucy goodness, it comes with a full-sized apron. To a D.C. institution with a chilidog so good, it has President Obama's seal of approval! Also, we'll roll out the wet-naps for the original Garbage Plate in Rochester NY where every junky craving gets piled high on one plate, taste uniquely delicious Mexican/Chinese takeout-fusion in Phoenix that makes a mess of the menu and slurp up the Big Easy's best oysters!

Between the Buns

On Tastiest Places to Chowdown: Between the Bun, we're revealing America's best places to grab grub stuffed between two halves of bread. From the first and still best place to get a drippy, juicy, meaty French Dip in Los Angeles to rival seafood joints in New Hampshire both serving up the freshest lobster rolls practically falling over with mounds of succulent Maine lobster. We also hit up a Reading Terminal Market stand that boasts Philly's other favorite sandwich, settle an age-old debate in the Motor City over who has the best Detroit-style chilidog, and an NYC institution still hand-cutting the tastiest pastrami around since 1888!

Massive Meals

Loosen that belt buckle! It's Tastiest Places to Chowdown: Massive Meals, a reveal of the country's top 10 places to eat big! Our search takes us from a Kaiten-style sushi restaurant where a never ending array of delectable morsels are brought straight to your seat via conveyor belt. To a San Jose taqueria that's created a monster of a burrito weighing in at 5 pounds! We'll also pig out on an unlimited buffet of homemade sausages in Columbus, an insane BLT in Michigan stuffed with a mind-blowing full pound of bacon and a juicy, towering skyscraper of a burger in Boston.


Calling all carnivores! On this episode of Tastiest Places to Chowdown: Steaks, we're taking a meat-lover's road trip cross country in search of the most prime places to pig out on protein (and we ain't talking chick peas). From a Brazilian buffet in California where they bring cut after juicy cut of meat straight to your table until you cry uncle...to a former grocery store in Mississippi serving up the finest steaks in the south. We also get our hands on some Rocky Mountain Oysters in Denver and visit Faneuil Hall in Boston for a melt-in-your-mouth prime rib so big, it can't possibly fit on a plate!

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