Andrew discovers an interesting use for dried cow dung while visiting the Dairy State. Check out Andrew's photos to explore the bizarre world of Wisconsin.


Cameraman Luke Logan gets a shot of Andrew talking to the iguanas on the island of Cayo Mucho in Cuba. 960 1280


Andrew prepares to dine on some classic Cuban dishes. 960 1280


Cameraman Luke Logan shoots Andrew holding up starfish on the beach in Cuba. 960 1280


The Bizarre Foods crew shoots Andrew eating with Raul Figueroa Glez's family in Cuba. 960 1280


Andrew shoots a stand-up at the Maya archaeological site of Xunantunich in Belize. 960 1280


Children greet Andrew at the home of Francisca Ack in San Pedro Columbia, Belize. 960 1280


Andrew talks to local storyteller Myrna Manzanares in Gales Point, Belize. 960 1280


Andrew poses on a missile in Cuba. 960 1280


Andrew looks on as Francisa Ack performs a Mayan ritual to bless her home and her village. 960 1280


Andrew holds up land crabs and pig's feet -- ingredients for alcapurrias -- at Pikayo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 960 1280


Andrew and Chef Wilo Benet, owner of Pikayo restaurant, talk about ingredients for alcapurrias in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 960 1280


Cameramen Luke Logan and Adrian Danciu take a boat ride in a swamp to shoot footage in Coopertown, FL. 960 1280


Mayor Jesse Kennon shows Andrew how to clean frogs in Coopertown, FL. 960 1280


Cameraman Adrian Danciu pans his camera to film Miami's picturesque skyline. 960 1280


10 Photos

Andrew takes on Chicago where he uncovers some of the best food in the world. 960 1280


960 1280


Andrew and the production crew shoot a scene in front of the tomb of John the Baptist's head for the Syria episode of Bizarre Foods. 960 1280


Andrew milks a sheep in the desert outside Palmyra, Syria. 960 1280


Greek cookbook author Diane Kochilas invites Andrew into her home to show off some of her legendary cooking skills. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern eats with Goschenhoppen Historians, Inc. at the historic Henry Antes house in Perkiomenville, PA. The group was founded in 1964 to preserve folk culture of the Pennsylvania Germans, the area's earliest settlers. 960 1280


Andrew Zimmern adds the key ingredient, a pig's head, to a boiling cauldron of scrapple in White Haven, PA. 960 1280


'These cheesy straw hats worn by gondoliers are an irresistible tourist trinket even for me.' ' Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


'I love Venetian seafood, especially when it's raw!' ' Andrew Zimmern 960 1280


Photographer Adrian Danciu takes a moment to take in the beautiful landscape in Lapland, Finland. 960 1280


12 Photos

Andrew goes horseback-riding in Monument Valley, located on the Arizona-Utah border. 960 1280


Andrew learns to make acheeii, a Navajo dish made by wrapping a sheep's intestines around its stomach. 960 1280


Andrew holds up a pack rat that was caught in a deadfall trap. 960 1280


These tiny edible flowers are used in the Joya Salad prepared at the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. 960 1280


Andrew watches a Navajo woman weave inside a hogan, a traditional Navajo home. 960 1280


Survival guide Tony Nester shows Andrew how to cook a pack rat. 960 1280


Photographer Adrian Danciu shoots video of the sun setting over Monument Valley. 960 1280


Andrew tries this delicious menudo at the Maico Taco Stand in Tucson, AZ. 960 1280


Andrew takes aim and prepares to shoot an AK-47 with members of the Scottsdale Gun Club at the Seven Springs Ranch. 960 1280


Andrew, Chris Biano and Carlotta Flores, chef and owner of El Charro Café, talk about the food served in her restaurant. 960 1280


Andrew and Chris Biano order house specialties, including menudo, on the menu at Taqueria Pico de Gallo in Tucson, AZ. 960 1280


Rob Anderson of the Scottsdale Gun Club shows Andrew how to heat up an MRE -- a meal ready to eat. 960 1280


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