Fact or Fiction? Video of ‘Supernatural Creature’ Filmed in India Goes Viral

‘We got scared,’ says the boy who spotted the figure along a roadway last April.

August 18, 2021

A video of a strange figure walking on a highway at night took both media and social media by storm. The 30-second clip has been shared with the claim that an ‘alien’ or a ‘ghost’ was spotted in India. [screenshot via Deepak]

A video of a strange figure walking on a highway at night took both media and social media by storm. The 30-second clip has been shared with the claim that an ‘alien’ or a ‘ghost’ was spotted in India. [screenshot via Deepak]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A video of what appears to be a ghostly apparition strolling along a highway in India recently went viral after claims the figure could have been an alien, witch or some other sort of “supernatural creature.”

In the clip, several scooters whiz past the figure, who pauses momentarily and turns before continuing down the road.

While the video was shared over social media and rumors ran rampant, a journalist with Alt News managed to track down the juveniles who purportedly shot the video.

One boy, identified as Deepak, told the outlet he and a friend recorded the footage the evening of April 27 on a roadway in Ichinda, Jharkhand.

“We were returning to Seraikela from Chakradharpur after attending a funeral of a friend’s mother,” Deepak said, according to Alt News. “We got scared when we first saw the woman and stopped at a shop near the highway.”

“When a few others reached the spot, we asked if they too saw the woman,” he continued. “She was not a witch. She was a woman and this was also confirmed by other passers-by.”

Alt News reported that local police were investigating the incident.

Times of India journalist Arvind Chauhan noted in a tweet that the so-called “supernatural creature” in the video was “a poor woman” walking unclothed down the road and not an “alien.”

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