20 Indie Makers Across America

An incredible number of talented creatives and makers from around the nation feature their wares every year in Atlanta at the Indie Craft Experience.

November 19, 2019

Photo By: Sonjia Parker

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Lakewood, Ohio | Sonjia Parker

Each year Atlanta-based Indie Craft Experience stages multiple craft markets that spotlight makers and creatives across the country as well as a fair number of Georgia Grown vendors. Their events are a chance to see what makers are up to and do a little early holiday shopping while supporting small business owners. Come to Atlanta for one of their events, or visit these artists' websites for plenty of shopping opps.

One of those Indie Craft Experience vendors, hailing from Lakewood, Ohio, artist Sonjia Parker creates whimsical illustrations, both prints and original works of art, which are, she says, "inspired by children, I am working to unveil the whimsy and beauty of the world around us." Perfect for a nursery or a living room gallery wall, the pieces brim with a child-like sense of imagination.

Asheville, North Carolina | YEWO

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, this husband and wife team work with artisans in one of the poorest countries in the world — Malawi, in East Africa — to create sustainable jewelry and housewares. Called YEWO (which means "thank you" in the Malawian Tumbuka language), their company uses proceeds from sales of their goods to help lift its African makers out of poverty.

Durham, North Carolina | Alice Rise

North Carolina designer Alice Rise creates jewelry, sneakers, pins and custom pieces with a funky, global vibe that go from oversize to oh-so-delicate.

Pensacola, Florida | Thora Ford Jewelry

Florida-based artist Thora Ford creates imaginative jewelry like these hand-cut brass hair-forks to ornament your locks.

Savannah, Georgia | The Small Creative

Savannah illustrator Allison Grace Hall at the Small Creative creates sweet, floral invites and cards and other paper goods and commissioned custom portraits and home sketches.

Cincinnati, Ohio | Happy Groundhog Studio

Cincinnati-based Happy Groundhog Studio features adorable and eco-friendly monsters and plush toys, deer and bears, raccoons and pandas for the children and never-grow-up hipsters in your life.

Asheville, North Carolina | Sydney Williams Pottery

Functional but without sacrificing style, potter Sydney Williams' charming designs bring a dose of creativity to every meal or cup of coffee.

Lynchburg, Virginia | Seed & Soil

In a lyrical combo of delicate jewelry and botanicals, Whitney Pope of Seed & Soil sandwiches a variety of plants including baby's breath, mustard seed, thyme and forget-me-nots behind glass and creates lovely rings, bracelets and necklaces in the process.

Nashville, Tennessee | Namaq Cheeni

Namaq Cheeni produces sweet, sustainable, ethically sourced and gender-neutral play clothes and accessories for children that feature cool details like buttons made from coconut shells.

Travelers Rest, South Carolina | Mike Merritt Artworks

Specializing in whimsical, handmade birdhouses with an artsy vibe, artist Mike Merritt uses western red cedar and barn tin to create design-forward weather-resistant homes for common backyard songbirds.

Nashville, Tennessee | Elizabeth Foster Art

Surreal but sweet, artist Elizabeth Foster's paintings on wood and canvas have a storybook Wes Anderson quality and revel in a love of animals and the natural world.

Columbus, Ohio | Emily June Handmade

Specializing in hip embroidery hoops and patterns (think succulents and sloths and socially conscious messages) Emily June Handmade also offers custom embroidery portrait kits.

Sarasota, Florida | Ebijou

Designer Elma Felix finds inspiration for her bright, dramatic Ebijou necklaces in her Caribbean heritage.

Hayesville, North Carolina | Friendsday

Created by Finland-born and North Carolina-based Aino Riiho, Friendsday is a sustainable clothing company founded on happy, colorful garments made with natural and recycled textiles.

Hendersonville, North Carolina | Cotton Blossom Press

Featuring elegant bespoke paper goods, including custom wedding invitations and handmade letter press products, holiday cards, stickers and more the Southern company Cotton Blossom Press offers an opportunity to support a small, locavore business for your invitation, announcement and other paper needs.

Vestavia Hills, Alabama | Dblfeature

Alabama's dblfeature creates wearable, happy T-shirts, pins, baseball caps, stickers and buttons that explode with cuteness.

Wilmington, North Carolina | Atalanka

Graphic, geometric jewelry for both men and women is the focus at this Wilmington, North Carolina husband and wife indie makers' shop Atalanka which also features home goods and artwork. The brand is named for the Greek goddess of hunt, adventure and travel, no less.

Greenville, South Carolina | Aplombist

Aplombist's homemade clay jewelry channels a graphic, tribal attitude and feels like a delightful cross-pollination of Cubism and New Age style.

Durham, North Carolina | Catawampus Press

With the motto of "keeping it weird since 2017" the North Carolina press Catawampus finds its inspiration in Southern folktales. T-shirts and illustrations feature a frisky ensemble of odd-but-cute creatures from evil chickens to Big Foot and monsters of all stripes.

San Diego, California | Kassi Grunder Jewelry

Pretty, delicate earrings, necklaces and rings from Kassi Grunder Jewelry combine edginess and refinement and a litany of stones, from rose quartz to lapus lazuli to black tourmaline.

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