Marianela at Dockweiler Beach

Marianela heads to Dockweiler Beach in LA for 3 miles of bonfire heaven.
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Marianela, craving some s’mores, heads to Dockweiler Beach, one of the only beaches in Southern California where you can have a bonfire.

The beach is also famous for being a hang-glider flight-training park, and was a major testing ground for hang gliding pioneers in the '60s.

Dockweiler is perfect for a day of relaxation, hanging with friends, and enjoying the beautiful view of the shore.

Marianela enjoys a hot dog she cooked on the bonfire.

Marianela is ready for her close-up.

Marianela gets ready to chop some wood for the bonfire.

Beachgoers teach Marianela the proper technique to making a bonfire.

Marianela checks out the Boeing 747 airplane flying by.

Marianela plays a little football as the sun sets on Dockweiler Beach.

Marianela learns that making a bonfire isn’t as easy as it looks, but eventually gets the hang of it.

Marianela poses with her new friends, “champions” of bonfire making.

Dockweiler is located right off the takeoff path for LAX.

As the sun sets, Marianela takes in the gorgeous view of the LA shoreline.

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