Marianela at Santa Cruz Beach

Marianela practices her volleyball skills at Santa Cruz beach.
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Marianela receives some beach volleyball tips from coach Mark Hull.

Marianela embraces the laid-back California attitude of Santa Cruz.

Girls are having fun in the sun making sand castles.

Marianela practices her beach volleyball skills.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is the “Coney Island of California” complete with roller coasters.

Santa Cruz is a beach volleyball mecca with over 15 courts.

Marianela’s ready to learn how to ‘set’ the volleyball.

These courts are frequented by both amateurs and experts alike.

After some practice, Marianela is ready to jump into a game with the locals.

Santa Cruz is the perfect setting for seaside fun.

One look at the picturesque Santa Cruz coast and you’ll see why Marianela fell in love with this beach.

Visitors take a pleasure cruise in their sailboats.

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