Food Paradise: Tailgating

College Football season equals Tailgate time. See our favorite pictures of tailgating food glory from Tailgate Paradise.
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Deep-fried venison might be the most unique dish served at Auburn University, but you'll also find other Southern specialties, including beef, pork and chicken.

The cheese curds at the University of Wisconsin’s Badgers stadium are made from the best local Wisconsin cheeses. The crispy and crunchy curds are positively addictive.

Gator ribs, also referred to as Albert ribs after the Gators mascot, is another famous dish at the Football Classic in Jacksonville, FL.

Outside of University of Wisconsin’s Camp Randall Stadium, thousands of people tailgate for hours, staying warm with hot brats and cold brews.

After every venison nugget has been devoured, the Auburn faithful head into Jordan-Hare Stadium where fans will shout the unmistakable battle cry -- the War Eagle.

The star of the menu on Louisiana State University (LSU) game days is one of Louisiana's oldest dishes -- chicken fricassee.

At an LSU tailgate, you'll find plenty of traditional Cajun and Creole food.

Before the Auburn University Tigers take on the Florida Gators, fans make sure "Today's Menu" includes "Gator."

Brats can be found on almost every grill at Badgers stadium, but at open-air Stadium Sports Bar, fans crowd in to eat them by the hundreds.

The true delicacy at any Auburn game is wild game -- specifically deer, hunted and fried up by fans who like their meat extra fresh.

In Alabama, they are as fanatical about their tailgating as they are about their football.

Braised, battered or boiled, brats are a tailgating tradition in Badger country.

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