The World's Best Bars

What do all top-notch bars have in common? A bartender who can be called “World Class.” Travel Channel shows you where you'll find the best-of-the-best behind the bar.

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Indonesia: Loewy Bar and Bistro

Bartender Harli Garnawan serves up "the best, stiffest drinks in town” at this nostalgic, casual bistro. The bar sticks to classic cocktails, including Jakarta's largest selection of fine single malt whiskeys. If you want to see Garnawan's technique at work, try the "king of cocktails," a classic dry martini.

Puerto Rico: Santaella

Renowned chef Jose Santaella celebrates the roots of the island's cocina criolla in this 80-seat dining room (complete with a tropical garden) and 16-seat bar. Knowledgeable bartenders, including World Class mixologist Leslie R. Cofresi, blend specialty cocktails, including the Sandia Mojito, which pairs muddled fresh watermelon and mint with Puerto Rican white rum, lime juice and a few secret ingredients.

South Africa: Asoka Bar

Brent Perremore (not pictured) is a resident mixologist at this trendy bar in the heart of Cape Town. Asoka Bar's philosophy is to create a fresh, natural and healthy cocktail experience.

Spain: Ohla Boutique Bar

If you're looking for exquisite cocktails while in Barcelona, look no farther than the Boutique Bar inside Ohla Hotel. Look out over Via Laitana Avenue while sipping on a cocktail mixed by Giuseppe Santamaria.

Dominican Republic: Pat’e Palo

This European Brasserie is separated into two parts: the bar has a livelier crowd, whereas the lounge is more relaxed. Both, however, serve delicious cocktails created by bartender Pavol Kazimir in a candlelit, romantic atmosphere.

Sweden: Le Rouge

Brasserie Rouge in Stockholm calls to mind the turn-of-the-century Moulin Rouge with its rich colors and heavy textiles. The cocktail list at Le Rouge bar runs several pages long with World Class bartender Rikard Enell at the helm.

Denmark: Ruby

Slip past the unmarked door into this glamorous cocktail joint to order a perfectly-made Manhattan or Burnt Fig (caramelized fig syrup with cognac and cream) from World Class bartender Kasper Riewe.

Belgium: Jigger's

"The Noble Drug Store" may seem like an odd name for this modern speakeasy in Ghent, but it's the perfect place to go for classic cocktails or more adventurous creations like a tequila-based mustard beer drink from World Class bartender Olivier Jacobs.

China: Bar Constellation

This small space in Shanghai is big on spirits with over 300 single malts for whiskey drinkers. There's also an extensive cocktail list and a World Class mixologist, Tree Mao, whose signature cocktail is called M.A.N. (Mature, Authentic and Nature).

Vietnam: Sofitel Metropole

There are several bars at the Hotel Sofitel Hanoi, but if you're going for legendary cocktails, you'll want to make your way to Le Club and order the pho-inspired Joan Baez cocktail created by bartender Tien Tiep Pham.

Germany: Riva Bar

For a hip cocktail bar, its name (after a 1970’s Italian football star Luigi Riva) and interior (which invokes a wind tunnel) are bold choices, but they don't outshine the excellent martinis and champagne cocktails served up by the likes of mixologist Harry Glockler.

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