Top Haunted Cities in America

There’s something intriguing about America’s historic cities, filled with folklore and unanswered mysteries. Plan a spooky adventure to one of these most haunted cities in the country.

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Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte is the most underrated haunted destination on our list. Charlotte has serious Southern charm, but its dark history is waiting to be discovered by travelers like you. Charlotte has ghosts that haunt restaurants all over the city. One restaurant, the Cajun Queen, was converted from a house in 1985. Supposedly, the bar is built over the lady of the house’s bedroom, and she haunts the customers that dare to drink there. Check it out on your trip.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a paranormal hot spot. Ghosts still linger from the bloody days of the Revolutionary War. Also, the first person persecuted as a witch was actually from Boston, not Salem. In 1648, Margaret Jones was publically hanged in Boston on the charge of witchcraft. All of Boston’s bloodshed gives it a somewhat sinister feeling after dark. Don’t be scared, though. The city of Boston is a delightful destination for any enthusiastic traveler.

Charleston, S.C.

Charleston is a staple city for supernatural thrill-seekers. Haunted sights in Charleston date back to 300 years ago and are guaranteed to give you goosebumps. White Point Garden, on the coast of the Ashley River, is a notoriously scary place. In the 1700s, the gardens hosted the hanging of 50 pirates and have been haunted ever since. Check out more wartime monuments from the Civil War while you’re in Charleston to get a dose of American history.

Chicago, Illinois

Al Capone and other gangsters left a bloody mark on the city of Chicago. But even before the 1920s, Chicago faced many tragedies, like the Chicago fire in 1871 and the Eastland disaster of 1915. One must-see haunted destination is the Excalibur Nightclub  (once a hospital), where victims of the Eastland disaster were taken for treatment. You’ll feel the tortured souls in this nightclub, so take a drink to soothe the nerves.  

Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s capital is hands down one of the most haunted places in America. The steps where "The Exorcist" was filmed are an iconic destination to visit, at 3600 Prospect St. NW. Other haunts of the city include the Octagon House and the Cutts-Mason House, where voices and apparitions habitually seem to appear. When you’re on a break from your supernatural tour, be sure to visit all of the monuments and museums that the city has to offer.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is arguably the scariest city in Florida. Visitors of the Old Fort Lauderdale History Museum, formerly the New River Inn, claim to see ghosts and apparitions in the historic building. To this day, one ghost allegedly guards the museum at night. Walk past this historic site after dark to get the scoop. Grab some grub for your stakeout at one of Fort Lauderdale or Miami’s cheapest restaurants.  

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg is so terrifying that your palms might start to sweat. Loaded with Civil War history, this city hosts many tormented ghosts and spirits, who are trying to communicate with the living. Don’t believe it? Check out some haunted spots in Gettysburg for yourself. Even if you don’t have a supernatural experience on your trip, you’ll still absorb a ton of history and enjoy the live Civil War reenactments. 

New Orleans, Lousiana

New Orleans is a famously supernatural city. There are several theories as to why New Orleans is haunted, but one prevailing belief is that the city has a history of violence. In the 1700s, New Orleans’ Jackson Square was a sight for public executions. Aside from its unsettling past and spooky sights, New Orleans is a great spot for downhome cuisine. Indulge in some soul food for an unforgettable trip.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the west coast’s most haunted cities. There are many scary spots from the 1920s, including the shanghai tunnels. These underground tunnels, located in Chinatown/Old Town, were used during Prohibition as a secret spot to drink booze. Now the tunnels are said to be haunted by prostitutes and drunkards of Portland’s past. On your trip to Portland, embrace the outdoors and admire the green spaces that the city has to offer. Also, check out this video on special places to visit in Portland. Want one more nugget of advice? Pack an umbrella in your bag for Portland, as the city is famous for rainy days.

San Antonio, Texas

Texas is one of the most haunted states in the nation, and San Antonio is likely its most haunted city. San Antonio is home to a few haunted hotels, which have been the site of murder and mischief throughout its history. The Black Swan Inn, now a venue for wedding receptions, is a petrifying San Antonio destination to visit on your trip. Find great places to stay and eat with this amazing San Antonio Travel Guide.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is the hot travel destination these days. The San Francisco Bay has over a hundred haunted spots for you to check out during your trip. One place worth mentioning is Alcatraz, the famous maximum-security prison. Alcatraz hosted Al Capone, the famous Chicago gangster, during the final years of his life. To get to Alcatraz, you’ll need to take a ferry across San Francisco Bay. It’s definitely worth the trip to see this haunted prison. While you’re not checking out the spooky sights, discover fun things to do in San Francisco with this cool travel guide.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is the most frightening city and seaport in all of America. There’s so much haunted history from the Civil War, which the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers have explored in depth. Before dark, wander over to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to see innovative art exhibits, or else visit Savannah’s famous restaurants and sights. After dusk, take a ghost tour to explore the haunted streets of the city. You’ll be quaking in your boots.

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul is a go-to city for a spook. One of the creepiest places in St. Paul is the Wabasha Street Caves, where people formerly hid out during the Prohibition to sneak some booze. These caves are now said to be haunted by three gangsters, who were murdered and buried inside the caves. After you’ve been scared out of your senses, get a bite to eat at one of these mouth-watering Minnesota restaurants.

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