2019 Travel Resolutions From Travel Channel Experts

How do yours compare? Some of these travel resolutions will definitely surprise you.

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travel, vacation, packing, luggage, items, trip planning

travel, vacation, packing, luggage, items, trip planning

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Take Time to Relax

I have a tendency to book back-to-back activities every single day when I travel – by the time I get home, I sometimes feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. While it’s tempting to see and do as much as possible when visiting a new place, it’s also important to set aside some time to recharge. I want to schedule more downtime into my travels in 2019, and I’d like to take at least one trip this year where relaxation is the main objective, maybe a cruise or a stay at a resort.—Shannon Petrie, Travel Channel editor

Photo by: Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits

Be Prepared

One thing I plan on doing this year is increasing my knowledge of travel and wilderness medicine. Traveling and being away from medical services so much has made me realize the importance of being able to handle a serious emergency, be it on a plane or in the backcountry. I’ve already completed a Wilderness First Responder course, CPR and avalanche courses, and plan on taking more. Whether it’s being able to offer someone an aspirin or performing CPR, I feel more confident that I could be useful in an emergency.—Steve Larese, Travel Channel writer

The top tiny home and RV summer vacations

Sprinter Van Life

If the idea of renting a tiny vacation home, vintage RV or luxury tent is too limiting for those who love to roam, you could always consider transforming your van into a portable tiny home like Kristen Bor, founder of Bearfoot Theory, who turned her 4X4 Mercedes Sprinter Van into the ultimate wanderlust vehicle. You can check out the details here.

Photo by: Bearfoot Theory

Bearfoot Theory

Just Do It Already

I hate to sound like a Nike commercial, but there are some experiences on my bucket list that never seem to get crossed off—bikepacking, backpacking and an RV trip to name three. All are just outside my comfort zone for reasons like skills and equipment, but this is the year I want to make them happen.—Erin Gifford, Travel Channel writer

Improve My Spanish

My resolution is to drastically improve my Spanish, especially comprehension. I don't want to get by sounding like a 3-year-old anymore, and asking "¿Que?" a million times during a converstaion. My kids are learning Spanish at school, so we've already begun speaking it around the house. Additionally, diving into a language leads to a greater appreciation for human migration, culture and history, topics I love as a travel writer. —Steve Larese

Visit 10 Foreign Countries

Being newly based in Paris will position me for quick and easy travel to many nearby countries. Flights within Europe are inexpensive, but the French high-speed train (TGV) system moves you quickly between countries, and allows you to take in the landscape as you travel. It also drops you right in the center of some of the world's most amazing cities.—Sam Henderson, Travel Channel writer

Photo by: Osprey


Streamline to One Backpack

Because of the amount of travel I have planned for 2019, I need to streamline my packing. Being a photographer means having to cart around equipment that takes up precious space. This year I am going to narrow down my travel equipment and pack it into one backpack (the roll-top sort for extra space) with just enough clothes to get me through short, five-day trips.—Sam Henderson

Pack Lighter

An 85 Euro excess weight fee was all the wake up call I needed after a recent trip to Paris. True confession time: I am an overpacker. I swear in 2019 to pack only what I need, wear things again and again and even wash garments during my trip if I need to.—Felicia Feaster, Travel Channel editor

Enlist Partners in Crime

Most of my friends and family adore traveling as much as my husband and I do, but we tend to hit the road by ourselves. The next time I plan a trip, I'm skipping the "wish you were here" postcards and making a few "hey, want to head somewhere together?" calls instead.—Lauren Oster, Travel Channel writer

Santorini, cliffside, Greece

Santorini, cliffside, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Photo by: Artie Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Artie Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Santorini, Greece

Travel Slower

London, Prague, Vienna, Rome, Milan: All recent places where I’ve run around like a lunatic until I’m too exhausted and sore to really appreciate the moment. So I’ve vowed that on my next trip to Greece this spring, I’m going to take a slower pace, even if that means I’m not going to hit every.single.island. in the space of a week. (But that gives me another reason to return!)—Meredith Rosenberg, Travel Channel writer

Indulge My Wanderlust

I suffer from a pretty extreme case of wanderlust. Where do I want to travel? Everywhere. Sure, there are places that aren’t high on my list at the moment, but if given the random opportunity to visit them, I wouldn’t say no. This level of wanderlust can be overwhelming, though, as it leads to a serious problem with analysis. There are so many destinations on the table that I struggle to choose one and end up not booking anything. This year, I resolve to get past that and just book a few destinations without stressing over whether it’s the perfect one. After all, if I want to go everywhere, I need to get moving.—Beth Rucker, Travel Channel editor

Van life road trip

Rent a Camper Van and Hit the Road

Want to try out #vanlife? Rent a vintage camper van, buy a road atlas and an $80 annual Interagency pass to cover admission into national parks, forests, and monuments across the country, and go for it. For a van with some character, check out Native Campervans in Denver and Salt Lake City or Turo, which is kind of like the Airbnb of rental cars. Bonus: With Turo, you can put your own car up for rent to earn some extra cash while you’re on vacation.

Photo by: Pixabay


More Road Tripping

This year I'm going to put the finishing touches on our camper van and hit the road. I'm hoping to add some creature comforts and put at least 2,000 miles of adventure on the odometer in 2019.—Derek Trimble, Travel Channel writer

Build a Better Doggie Bag

I’m going to carry some small, plastic baggies with me on my next trip. I wasn’t hungry when a snack was served on my recent flight, so I slipped what I thought was a hard roll of string cheese into my purse. Got home, took it out—and discovered it was actually a roll of cold butter that had melted in the bottom of my bag.—Lynn Coulter, Travel Channel writer

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland, on Lantau Island.

Photo by: Reuters/Paul Yeung

Reuters/Paul Yeung

Hong Kong Disneyland, on Lantau Island.

Visit Every Disney Park in the World

As a Disney fan and theme park junkie, my 2019 resolution is to complete my Disneyland world tour. I want to visit the three Disney Asia parks in Toyko, Shanghai and Hong Kong. —Deanne Revel, Travel Channel writer

Go Global

I'm definitely going to add Global Entry to my TSA Pre Check status. I'm tired
of standing in line only to watch other travelers breeze through line when I’m trying to come home.—Derek Trimble

Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney in Lone Pine, California

Mount Whitney

Photo by: Joe Sills

Joe Sills

Mount Whitney

Conquer Mount Whitney

A few years ago, I casually set off to climb the highest peak in the Lower 48 without much planning. I was already on a cross-country road trip and happened through the old movie town outpost of Lone Pine, California. Lone Pine is basically a small town in the middle of the desert, with a hostel and a trailhead a few miles away. Whitney peaks at just over 14,500 feet, but hiking alone at around 13,000, I couldn't push myself any further. The journey down has haunted me ever since. Thousands of people climb Mount Whitney each year. It's a pretty reasonable goal, but for a kid from Tennessee that's still a really big peak. I plan to go back and do it right this year.—Joe Sills, Travel Channel writer

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