Travel's Best Road Trips 2015 Advisors

From seasoned road tripper Mike Shubic to founder and CEO of James Fisher, meet the panel of advisors behind Travel’s Best Road Trips 2015.

From Mike Shubic, a seasoned road tripper and award-winning travel journalist, to James Fisher, the founder of the first complete platform for road trips and independent travel, meet the panel of advisors behind Travel’s Best Road Trips 2015.
1. James Fisher

Born and raised in the English countryside, James Fisher spent a large part of his childhood running African safari tours and epic road trips for his wonderfully eccentric family’s business. Fueled by ’80s Hollywood and a deep love for travel, James eventually journeyed to the United States to hit the back roads in search of the unique places that define America’s local cultures. What he found inspired him to create, the first complete travel platform for road trips and independent travel. Today, Roadtrippers is powered by a database of millions of the best travel locations, including diners, national parks, museums, hotels and more.

2. Michelle Bucher
woman stands in front of grand canyon

woman stands in front of grand canyon

Michelle Bucher is an avid hiker, road tripper and travel writer from Vancouver, British Columbia. She spent the past 6 years on various drives across North America, looking for quirky roadside attractions, stopping at unique travel destinations, hiking in national parks and visiting famous landmarks. She has officially taken road trips through 48 US states and all 10 Canadian provinces. She has contributed to TravelPulse and Time & Place, and she was featured on Groupon's blog for road-trip tips.

Michelle writes about her road trips and travel experiences at Aside from road-tripping, Michelle owns a marketing agency, where she manages several content marketing and social media contracts. Because the majority of her business is done online, she often hits the road with her laptop and works remotely from destinations across the country.

3. Mike Shubic
man stands in front of old stone wall

man stands in front of old stone wall

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road tripper and award-winning travel journalist who publishes the blog He’s no stranger to the Travel Channel, either; he was one of the participants in the 2012 Best of the Road contest, during which he took a trip across the country in search of the best food in small-town America. Mike can often be found traversing the byways of the US and Canada, looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries and creative cuisine to intriguing inns and exciting attractions, the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or follow his example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.

4. Shannon Entin
portrait of woman with valley behind her

portrait of woman with valley behind her


Feeling most at home when on the road, Shannon Entin grew up under the impression that the highest form of family fun was driving aimlessly to get anywhere. Today, Shannon takes her own family on extended driving adventures, crisscrossing America — from the Jersey Shore to the San Francisco Bay, Niagara Falls to Gulf Shores, AL, and beyond — always ready to veer off the interstate to investigate a quirky attraction or sample a local delicacy. Shannon contributes regularly to and and has written for Rails-to-Trails magazine, Family Vacation Critic and Interval World magazine. She also authored 2 books as a dot-com pioneer. When she's not skiing, hiking, running, fly-boarding or road-tripping, she home-schools her 2 children in northwestern New Jersey. Shannon shares her family's travels and adventures at

5. Mark Sedenquist
portrait of man during the day

portrait of man during the day

Born on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, Mark Sedenquist logged more than 60,000 road-trip miles by the time he graduated from college. As a logistician and property and project manager, he continued taking road trips whenever work and life allowed. When a wildfire destroyed his home and business in the hills above Pasadena, CA, Mark realized that his unexpected “stufflessness” offered a unique road-trip opportunity. Behind the wheel of a motor home, he set out on what he estimated would be a 6-month, open-ended tour of North America. The journey evolved into a 7-year, 200,000-mile odyssey that resulted in the founding of Now, with more than half a million miles behind him, Mark is continuing his mission to provide tools, advice and camaraderie to anyone who wants to plan a great American road trip.

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