Go Behind the Scenes of 'Booze Traveler' Season 3

Through the lens of host Jack Maxwell's Instagram.

An all-new season of Travel Channel's Booze Traveler premieres tonight at 10|9c. Where’s the ever-curious and adventurous host Jack Maxwell headed this time around? As his Instagrams from the past few months while filming indicate, he’s going everywhere. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come this season -- from ski shots in Nevada to monkeying around in Madagascar -- as seen from Jack's personal photos on location. 

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Jack heads south to Havana, where the sun always shines, the daiquiris are Hemingway-strength and your classic ride matches your mojito. (Thirsty for more? Stay tuned for the “Cuba: Kings of Cocktail" episode.)

Jack shares a bite with the locals on Nosy Antsoha, a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar. Lemurs’ drinking stories are difficult to understand, but we hear they’re fascinating. (Keep your eyes peeled for “The Force of Madagascar,” which will air in early 2017.)

OK, secret's out: Jack is actually a zookeeper this season. His ride to the Dead Sea in Israel could be even cooler than his ride in Havana. (He’ll go for a soak in the “Israel’s Thirst for Life” episode.)

New Irish drinking game: How many shades of green can you spot in Jack’s shot of Mount Brandon? If you count while drinking, that number might change, of course. (Tune in at 10p|9c next Monday for “The Magic of Ireland”!)

When in Genoa (Nevada, that is), do as the locals do. In this case, the local secret society takes shots from a ski in honor of John Albert “Snowshoe” Thompson, an early resident of the Sierra Nevada and the father of skiing in California. (Learn more about that secret society on “Last Call of the Wild West.”)

The next big thing in mojitos? If you’re in Mexico, it’s ... ant butts. Buena suerte with that, Jack. 

Tune in tonight for the season premiere of Booze Traveler, "Spirits of Ol’Mexico" at 10|9c on Travel Channel. 

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