Fellow Traveler: Atlantan Sarita Alami

Find out why dental floss is always in this business traveler's kit bag.

Los Angeles photographer Jason Travis asks frequent flyers what's in their carry-on bags in his regular Roam column Fellow Traveler. Find out what this week's traveler, Sarita Alami has in her stash.

You Are: Sarita Alami

Profession: Sponsorships Manager at MailChimp

Home Base: Atlanta, Georgia

Where Are/Were You Going and Why? I travel a lot for work, but my last trip was all fun: to France with my husband to see friends and eat a little too well.

One Travel Essential You Always Pack: Floss. It's good for so many things: doing magic tricks, line-drying clothes, starting fires, cutting food, etc. You can make an excellent tiny parachute with floss and a tea bag. 

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