Is This the Future of Luggage?

Robots, scooter bags and more.

If you're in the market for new luggage, it's time to think beyond the boring black rolling suitcase and consider new ways to carry your belongings. Do you frequently lose your bags? Thank goodness for GPS-enabled suitcases. Do you struggle to carry both your hot latte and smartphone at the same time? There's a handy belt hitch for that. Do your legs tire after racing from security to your gate at the airport? Say hello to the scooter suitcase. These futuristic products might just be the solutions to all of your luggage woes.

Photo by: Tom Casey

Tom Casey

With driverless cars and robots like Allo, Siri and Echo at the center of the tech world, we seem to be destined for hands-free lives. Hands-free seems to be the future of luggage, too - at least according to two inventive products. 

COWAROBOT R1 is a robotic suitcase that follows your every move. It can move at 4.5 mph and travels 12.5 miles when fully charged. Using CO-EYE, a set of sonar and cliff detections sensors, the suitcase constantly collects and sends data back to the CO-MOVE autonomous following system. This patented technology allows the suitcase to learn how to go where you go. If you're like me and think a hands-free suitcase could be a recipe for getting your suitcase stolen, think again. Since this suitcase has a GPS tracking capability, you can always know its exact location via the connected mobile app. COWAROBOT R1 also serves as a charging station for your iPhone.

Photo by: Courtesy of My Hitch

Courtesy of My Hitch

If you want to go hands-free but can't quite drop $499, COWAROBOT's current price, consider My Hitch - a nifty device that attaches to the back of a belt or waistband so your luggage becomes an extenstion of your body - a tail, essentially. It can be yours for only $17.95. As a friendly PSA, My Hitch should only be worn with a secured belt or tight waistband - not an elastic band, or else you might accidentally show off more than just your ability to drink coffee and make calls at the same time...

Another unique luggage trend is the scooter bag. If you dread all of the walking and waiting in lines that come with airports, consider this type of luggage that doubles as transportation. The Modobag looks like a pretty basic suitcase, but it's actually a scooter you can hop on when you don't feel like walking. It's the "carry-on that carries you" complete with slip-resistant and sturdy foot pegs. Modobag also serves as a charging station for your devices.

Photo by: Tom Casey

Tom Casey

If the Modobag reminds you too much of a tricycle, the Micro Luggage scooter might be more up your alley. Roll your way to your next flight with this suitcase that looks more like a traditional stand-up scooter, complete with three wheels and handle bars.

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