25 Dollar Store Pack Hacks

Pack smart and save $$$.

The dollar store is a traveler's best friend. Packing cubes? Nah, I just use plastic sandwich bags and freezer bags to pack my outfits. It’s cheap but it works. Carry-on essentials? I can stock up on snacks, magazines and all the travel-sized toiletries I need for a flight for less than $10. And there are so many nifty packing hacks you can do with items from the dollar store.

Here are some of our favorite tricks. Pack smarter, recycle items you were probably going to throw away, and have more money for souvenirs on your trip!

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Prop a toothbrush up with a clothespin. Because who wants to leave a toothbrush directly on a hotel counter?

Guard Your Shoes

Want to make sure suede shoes don't get denim stains? Or make sure dirty hiking boots don't get on other items? Use a shower cap to cover.

Keep Track of Earrings

Tired of losing small studs or rings in a suitcase? Use a pill organizer to store jewelry.  

Watch more hacks in action below!

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Pack smart and save money with these clever travel tips.

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