Fellow Traveler: Army Veteran Ray Travis

Our photographer's dad packs for California.

Los Angeles-based photographer Jason Travis has spent the past few years documenting a variety of people and the contents of their bags in his Persona series. For our very own curated Roam Fellow Traveler series, Travis goes even more granular, shooting travelers and their carry-on bag contents to see what essential items they can't leave home without.

Photo by: Jason Travis

Jason Travis

Keeping it in the family this go around, for this installment of Fellow Traveler, Jason Travis turns the camera on his dad, Ray Travis, an Army veteran headed to the West Coast for some R&R.

Photo by: Jason Travis

Jason Travis

You Are: Ray Travis

Profession: Retired/Veteran, U.S. Army

Home Base: Greenville, South Carolina

Where Were You Going and Why? Venice, California and then heading to San Francisco for vacation.

One Travel Essential You Always Pack: My iPhone.

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