12 Things You Didn’t Know About Samantha Brown and Chris Grundy

You’ll see there’s even more to love about Travel Channel sweetheart Samantha Brown and DIY Blog Cabin host Chris Grundy who’ve teamed up on the all-new series 50/50 premiering Sun, Oct. 4 at 7pm | 6c.

So, What Are They Up To Now? You Ask.

On their new show 50/50, co-hosts Samantha Brown and Chris Grundy ask unsuspecting people on the street one question: “Can you leave right now?” Those who dare to say “yes” will embark on an adventure-packed 50-hour getaway worth $50,000. See what we did there?

Why Does He Look So Familiar?

Adventurous and handy? Before coming to the Travel Channel, Grundy hosted DIY Network’s Blog Cabin and Cool Tools among other series on our sister network HGTV.

Life Lesson According to Samantha Brown

“Never apply self-tanner after 2 glasses of wine.”

The One Food She Won’t Leave Home Without

Who knew? Samantha always packs a jar of peanut butter. “I brown bag it even when I'm flying first-class,” she says. “It's my last chance to eat something homemade.”

Just Don’t Call Him Chris

You’ll find we affectionately call Chris, we mean Grundy, by his last name.

Yes, She Still Gets Homesick

“I get terrible homesickness,” Samantha says. “Usually when I first wake up in the morning, but only for about an hour.”

Samantha Always Travels With a Book … And It’s Not a “Beach Read”

“I always bring a book of poetry with me -- usually Robert Frost or Mary Oliver,” she says.

Why Grundy Always Has Samantha Cracking Up

We suspect his knack for improv has something to do with his stints at the beloved Second City comedy clubs.

If She Wasn't on TV, Samantha Would Be …

“I would own a little breakfast place where I would be on a first-name basis with all my customers,” says Samantha. “I would wear cute aprons and go around to all my tables with a carafe of coffee at my hip asking if they wanted ‘some more Joe.’”    

Any Regrets? Well … Maybe Just One

“My biggest regret is that I never did a sport in high school,” says Samantha. “I was too scared of failing.”

Did We Mention Another Familiar Face Will Make an Appearance on 50/50?

In the season premier, Samantha and Grundy team up with Al Roker to whisk one lucky pair from The Today Show set on an once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Abu Dhabi.

Why They Have the Best Job Ever

“What I love most about travel is feeling like a fish out of water. I love being the person in the room who looks and sounds like no one else,” Samantha Brown says. “The challenge of seeing where I fit in and how I can make a connection with people who are completely different than me is absolutely thrilling.”

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