Baggage Battles: Fall 2013 Sneak Peek Pictures

The auction finds are worth more than ever in this season of Baggage Battles, making for big ticket brawls among Billy, Mark, and Laurence and Sally. See what's in store Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 9|8c.
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Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Photo By: Rob Baker Photography

Mark Meyer comes face-to-face with Sherlock Holmes after winning a pipe and other items during an estate sale in Red Hook, NY.

Billy and Mark share a laugh as they check out a DeLorean during an auction preview in the affluent town of Red Hook, NY.

A crowd of bidders assembles for a police auction held by the California Auction Company in Stockton, CA.

Sally and Laurence make a bid at an auction in St Paul, MN, hosted by Luman E. Beasley Auctioneers.

Traci, a new bidder in town, looks over a bow and arrow set, one of many items that will be up for sale during the auction in St. Paul, MN.

At a crate auction in Tucson, AZ, Mark tries out a trunk as he explores his winnings from a pod filled with lost items.

Laurence dons a military jacket during a Jacksonville, FL, auction.

Mark does his best frozen Han Solo impression as Billy looks on during the Jacksonville, FL, auction, filled with pop-culture memorabilia.

The view from the auctioneer's podium at a government auction in Sacramento, CA.

Laurence and Sally blow off some steam after an exciting auction win in Stockton, CA.

Is it junk or jackpot? Mark checks out a stuffed squirrel during an auction preview in Stockton, CA.

What's a statue worth? Billy reaches out to inspect one during an auction preview in Stockton, CA.

Sally gets a closer look at items during an auction preview in Stockton, CA.

Traci and Sally talk shop during a cowboy auction preview in California.

Laurence, Sally and Mark discuss a very special signed guitar that will go up for bid at a Hard Rock Café auction in New York City.

Billy takes in Times Square before an auction at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City.

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