Baggage Battles: New Jersey Pictures

The buyers head to New Jersey to bid on lucrative cargo at a government-run US Customs and Border Protection auction. Mark, Billy and the Martins each win some interesting items. Take a look.
Episode: New Jersey

Billy, Mark, Sally and Laurence head to New Jersey to participate in one of the most unique auctions in the country. The US Customs and Border Protection auction in New Jersey includes secret warehouses, armed security guards and sealed crates of unknown riches.

Laurence greets professional appraiser Chris Mojo. Chris will help determine the value of Laurence and Sally's winning piece.

Laurence, Sally and the appraiser Chris take a closer look at the large statue that was discovered among the Martins' winnings.

The statue turns out to be a brass statue of Krishna, a central figure in Hinduism.

Sally and Laurence are given info on their statue and its worth. Think they will be happy?

Billy straps his wooden Buddha statue, made of Asian mahogany, onto his back for the journey home. He knows that he can make a profit on this little guy.

Mark finds an antique camera among the boxes of stuff from Kuwait.

Mark heads to Photo Tech in NYC to find out if his camera is worth anything.

Mark learns that what he has is a 1950s-era German Rolleiflex still camera. But how much is it worth?

Billy outbids his fellow buyers and takes home 3 bicycles.

Billy knows the bicycles are vintage but really isn’t sure if they are worth what he paid.

To find out, Billy takes the bikes to Bicycle Habitat for an expert opinion.

Will Billy ride home a happy man? Tune in to find out.

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