Big Time RV: A $100,000 Dishwasher Pictures

A couple is in the market for a luxury RV with a residential kitchen, but their favorite amenity may end up costing them an extra $100,000.

Best friends and free spirits Creighton Hierholzer and Rooster travel the country fixing pizza ovens for a living, which helps fund their chronic fishing habit.

Entrepreneurs Tim and Holley Kirkland have come to Lazydays to find a coach to use as a showroom, as they travel all over the country promoting their health and weight loss product.

RV expert and Lazydays employee Steve Mularz takes Tim and Holley Kirkland on a tour of the facility in search of the perfect RV.

Creighton Hierholzer unloads his maintenance and fishing gear from his RV.

Various wood color options sit on display inside the Lazydays facility in Tampa, FL.

Creighton Hierholzer explains to the camera how to fix a pizza oven.

After finishing their pizza oven repair, Creighton and Rooster head to the beach to start fishing and enjoying their life on the road.

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