Burger Land: Classics of NYC Pictures

George heads home to New York City in search of the best burgers in the Big Apple, from a juicy classic charbroiled cheeseburger to a deep-fried Slovakian burger.
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George Motz and his friend Seth Unger eat “Black Label” burgers at Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village.

The Black Label burger at Minetta Tavern is made with 4 prime cuts, including dry-aged ribeye for an extra-beefy taste.

Minetta Tavern’s Black Label burger, topped only with caramelized onions, suits the classic feel of the almost 80-year-old restaurant.

Once an Italian restaurant, Minetta Tavern, a Greenwich Village mainstay, was purchased and renovated in 2008.

George and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg at J.G. Melon, a no-nonsense tavern that dates back to 1972 on the Upper East Side.

J.G. Melon serves a classic New York City cheeseburger that has been a favorite to locals and public figures alike for decades. The secret recipe for their patty includes chuck, tips of sirloin and a little bit of short rib for sweetness.

George talks to Jack O'Neill, owner of J.G. Melon.

George stands outside Donovan's Pub in Woodside, Queens, nestled under the tracks of the 7-train.

The bacon cheeseburger at Donovan's Pub is an 8-10 ounce charbroiled cheeseburger, made with beef ground fresh in the Bronx daily.

George eats a cheeseburger at Donovan's Pub, a local landmark recently purchased by long-time regulars James Jacobson and Dan Connor.

George looks into the kitchen at Korzo in his neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The burger at Korzo is truly unique -- a grilled patty, topped with pickles, house-made mustard and Edam cheese, wrapped in Hungarian-Slovak langós dough and deep-fried.

George and local burger expert David 'Rev' Ciancio talk to Otto Zizak, owner of Korzo, a cultural mash-up that’s a great example of New York City diversity.

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