Dangerous Grounds: Cambodia Pictures

Todd ventures into Cambodia, where beans are roasted in a way he’s never seen, land mines still explode daily and locals eat fried spiders.
Episode: Cambodia
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Todd travels to Cambodia to find the truth behind the rumors that the country may be a major player in the exotic coffee market. Having struck out at 2 farms, he takes a moment during lunch to weigh his options.

Todd's bike gets bogged down in the mud between Sen Monoram and Ban Lung.

Surrounded by inferior robusta coffee plants, Todd takes a moment to plan his next move.

Todd watches as coffee is roasted at a street cafe in Phnom Penh. The green bottle is anise liquor that is added to the beans along with sugar, salt and butter -- a method unique to Cambodian coffee.

Tarantulas, a Cambodian delicacy, are fried whole in vegetable oil.

Todd takes a bite of deep-fried tarantula.

Another Cambodian dish: stir-fried pork and rice with fresh pickles.

Vietnamese coffee, without the usual sweetened condensed milk.

Todd quizzes a coffee roaster in Phnom Penh on the coffee-growing regions of Cambodia, in the hopes of getting a lead.

Todd takes a closer look at a rubber tree in Mondulkiri province.

Todd moves on from a pepper farm, unhappy that he's yet to find any worthwhile coffee beans.

Todd and his cameraman, “Hollywood,” shoot at a coffee farm in Mondulkiri province.

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